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My best friend I grew up with was diagnosed w/ Stage 3  OC in Aug 2007 - After 8 months of chemo - the cancer is still growing -

She is now open to alternative healing options + has the resources to go ANYWHERE to obtain them -

I am starting to look for anything that will prolong her life -

How did Patrick Dempsey's mother survive (3) times ?  

I appreciate your help -

Thank you
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I don't know about alternative healing but I would have her talk to her doctor about switching chemo -- maybe AVASTIN before she has too much chemo -- check the MD Anderson website -- they seem to have a lot going on for ovarian cancer.  I'm on my third chemo in 5 years and was also 3C.  Just keep scanning the reliable websites for cancer centers too.
I wish you and your friend luck.....and a reversal in the situation
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Everything that the previous post mentions is excellent!  

I have been combining traditional and nontraditional healing methods.  See if your best friend's cancer is estrogen-dependent.  The family of drugs which includes Tamoxifen has been used for breast cancer...I decided to go on Aromasin, an estrogen inhibitor, because mine was estrogen-dependent.  It's in clinical trials for ovarian cancer right now, but I decided not to wait for the trials to be over. Please read about it.  I'm not a doctor.

Many women on this forum take COQ 10.  Have your friend do careful research on this.

Nutritional ideas for fighting cancer include fruits, veggies, whole grains, natural meats, etc.  Just what you'd expect, but the one catch is to completely avoid all sugars.  Even honey, etc.  That's a tough one!

If she has mets to the liver there is a new treatment to remove them that doesn't hurt the liver.  It's called radiofrequency ablation.

We hate cancer.  I hope your friend fights these beasts and wins!  Kathy
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Kris carr has some great ideas on nontradional healing.  http://my.crazysexylife.com
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There are numerous different chemos to try and there are numerous trials going on all over the world.  I do not know of any nontraditional healing methods that have prolonged anyone's life.  I have a doctor who says show me the medical proof and we can talk about things.   There are supplements that might make her feel better, more energy, etc, but, nothing that will cure this disease.
Please suggest that she speak with her Oncologist about different chemos and trials that are going on.

Best of luck.
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