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Microscopic blood in urine, bladder pressure, frequency, urgency, back pain, pelvic pain...

I was wondering if anyone could summarize the symptoms of ovarian cancer/bladder tumors, etc...?
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Hi, I had microscopic blood in my urine.  It can mean serious things or nothing at all.  Some people have it chronically and it is benign.  It absolutely must be evaluated by a urologist.  Mine turned out to be benign of unknown etiology.  They usually do a CT scan to make sure there are no tumors on kidneys etc., send a urine to check for infection and cancer cells, then they do a cystoscopy where they put a small flexible camera up the urethra into the bladder to actually look for anything that shouldn't be there.  If all these tests come back normal, then they usually just continue to check you twice a year or yearly.   Bladder cancer is rare in younger women, but of course all cancer is possible at any age, which is why it needs to be evaluated by a doctor.  Now your symptoms do sound much like mine did, and I ended up being diagnosed with overactive bladder, which can also cause microscopic blood in the urine.  It caused me to have bladder pressure, frequency, urgency, and back pain. I also had endometriosis which I didn't know I had which was contributing to these problems.   I would suggest you start with your gyn and get a thorough exam, make sure you get them to send your urine for cultures since that would be the most common cause of your symptoms, (uti)  Then go to a urologist which is who needs to evaluate you for the hematuria.   Good luck to you!   Shannon
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Thanks...all my urine cultures have been neg. for bacteria/infection, and my paps are normal. I have a ct scan this friday, then meet a new urologist next wednesday and they have suggested a cystoscopy (which I'm very nervous about!!) I had a pelvic u/s about a month ago which was pretty much normal, just have very small cysts on each ovary and lots of follicles all over, but they said it was normal, and I went on the pill. But some of my pain has gotten worse since then, and bladder issues are very irritating and always very bad right before and during period. The last urologist thinks endo, and the physician asst. I had to get in w/at my ob/gyn office said kidney stones, and the nurse there said IC!!! But the urologist only seemed to think endo. So I'm very confused!!! Thanks for the info, any at all helps ease my mind!!
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....and how did they figure out you had endo??
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