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Moms not doing good. Need lots of prayers

We have called in hospice. I hate to feel like Ive given up. After debulking surgery and 12 rounds of chemo we dont know what else to do. Her ascites is out of control and she is pale and in pain in her liver. We found out this week she now has 3 tumors on her liver. Im more concerned with keepig her pain free. Our family is in need of prayers.
Thank you
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My prayers are with your mom and you.  I am sorry she is in pain.  Hospice can be a huge help and I hope your mom is comfortable soon.  Marie
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i pray for u and ur mom as u take this road together and i pray her the best possible comfort and dignity .. she is blessed to have u as a daughter
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I am so sorry that you and your family are facing this.  My prayers are with you.  Hospice was great with my mom and they definitely are skilled at pain management.  May your mom be made comfortable and at peace.

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I think you've done the right thing.  Hospice isn't just for the dying, it's also for pain management.  Many people live longer once they have the assistance of hospice than they otherwise would have.  Just this past week, there was an article in our local paper about a very elderly women who, in effect, "flunked" hospice and no longer needs its services.  Whether that happens for your mother or not, you'll always know that you did your best for her.  

Good luck and God bless you and your mom on this journey.  

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I echo the comments of the others.  Calling in hospice does not mean you've given up.  It means you are thinking about what is best for your mom.  Quality of life vs. quantity of life is an issue that causes many to struggle.  But no one can say she didn't try her best to fight this disease.  You have been here weekly asking questions, going to appointments with her, and advocating on her behalf, so you've also done all you can do.  I wish we all had someone as dedicated as you are in our corner,  Who knows what God has in store for her?  Like shewrites said, hospice could very well extend her life longer than if you tried to make it without their assistance.  Whatever the outcome, I am praying for comfort and peace of mind for you all.  And if healing is still a possibility, then I'm praying for that, as well.  

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I am praying for peace for you and your family.  I think you have made a good decision.  My experience with hospice has been a very positive one.  I pray your mom gets her pain under control and can enjoy more days with you and your family.  

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Hospice is the answer for your Mom  at this time, it is not easy, I know, to reach this time, but your Mom needs to be as free from pain as possible.  it gives the family the time to be there and let her know your love,  May God be with you and your family.  Marty
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My thoughts and prayers are with you, your Mom and the rest of your family, God Bless.   Love, Dawnlyn
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Im so thankful for all your well wishes. Im so sad to have to call hospice.... But your all right we need quality and pain management and thats why I did it. Her name is Josefa please pray for her. Im not ready to be without her.
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Sending prayers to your Mum and hoping that  her pain is kept under control.

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Adding my prayers for you all. Hospice is wonderful. The support they give in so many areas is priceless. We had it twice for my Dad. He was also one of those that seemed to improve during his first time on hospice and he "flunked" out. The second time round hospice people were wonderful at keeping his pain well controlled while allowing him to be as alert as possible. Their help touched us so much that my husband is now going through training to be a volunteer with hospice and palliative care locally.

You are doing the right thing for your Mom. There's only so much you can do. Asking for help is good. Your job is to love her.
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Hospice is a wonderful group of people, they will make your mom very comfortable.    This disease is horrific.  I am so sorry your mom is suffering.  I know you are suffering along with her.  I will say a prayer for Josefa, that she finds peace.  You are a good daughter, keep loving your mom.  God Bless both of you.  
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Lilly  - my thoughts are with you and your entire family.  Hospice, will find a way to keep your mom comfortable and pain free.  
All the best,
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Hospice is a wonderful service.  I had hospice for a short time after coming home from the hospital.  Hospice isn't just for the dying, it is also for pain management and support.  Take the services offered and ask them questions.  They are very knowledgeable and supportive of what you are going thru.  I hope God blesses you and your family with peace and comfort.
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Lillian, I know exactly how you feel as I have had to call in the hospice nurses last week for my Mum. However, although her health is deteriorating she is now pain free most of the time and it is great to see the relief in her face when the pain goes. I will pray for your Mum and hope that she is abe to be pain free also
Keep strong
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Don't have much to add to what other's have said.  Just wanted you to know I am thinking about your mother.  I wish we had had hospice in 1975, when my own mother was suffering so badly.  Linda
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