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MsJazz aka Donna

i am sorry doc she is rapidly loosing strength and may not reply she has been in hospice a few weeks
she has antiemetic IV's and IV's for pain ... she does read the posts she just
cant type back ... what a sweet lady leaving us so soon i pray gods loving
kindness upon her and her family and i pray for u doctor that the lord richly blesses ur work
u have given info and comfort to so many ... ur reward will be great ... amen

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sorry was on expert forum and  it goot booted ... doc wanted to know what treatment option donna was into  i told her but it ended up here
hopefully the doc can see it
i loved and cherished donna and i feel cheated not knowing her better ,,, howeever i am blessed because i am sure that i will meet her in our special little ovca section of heaven and we will know each other and what we mean to each other
it will be the best ever !!
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Thanks for sharing the news. It's good to hear she's reading the love and support people are offering. So. .  .

Donna - I know you're traveling this journey alone but be assured that we're right behind you. You may not be able to feel it but there are many loving hands reaching out to you, patting your back, stroking your arms, giving you a foot massage :-)  Dream about those things. Many hugs to you.

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Thank you, Sharon and

Donna ... I don't know you, but I love you and will continue to pray for your comfort and peace.  Please know that we are all beside you.

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