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Mum..a survivor

Hi all,

It was a suggestion from Nyc lady to share my Mum's story cause I guess its great to hear a good story too.
My Mum was diagnosed with Serous cyst adenocarcinoma in 1994 (aged 48) after having a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy with omentectomy (these big words are from the notes!) for a cyst on her left ovary.  She had had a hysterectomy, like myself, in her late 30's.
She was extremely lucky as she cannot remember having any symptoms but noticed a lump in her abdomen.  Then from seeing her doctor, the very next day after feeling it, to the time of the scan etc, surgery was only matter of a couple of weeks, and by that time the cyst had got considerably bigger (around size of a grapefruit).
The result of the cancer after biopsy was of course shocking, but the surgeon was confident that the tumour was taken out as a 'whole' entity.  Mum had chemotherapy and then was cleared and has been clear since.  
It seemed to all happen so very fast and I guess we were not real aware of everything then, until now of course, when I have been gathering more info. On reflection she thinks she may have had some symptoms such as a 'wavy' feeling in her abdomen, but nothing really specific.  She is a real special lady and my best friend so I do count myself a lucky girl as it is now going on 14 years 'free'.  

Love to all
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Welcome to the Forum

Thank you for sharing your mum's story she was very lucky that she had a good Doctor who was on the ball and getting everything done so quick.

How is the weather in New Zealand???

I have a friend over there who told me where is 3 hours away Auckland. and told me  that they are in  a drought? I was blown away by this because since she has moved over there is always telling me how she much she is missing  the Aussie heat ( she can have the heat cause I don’t like it)
Take care and again thank you for sharing your mum's story.
Mid from Oz

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Thank you for sharing. You sound like a loving daughter. Marie
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Hi Mid,

I live about an hour and a half south of Auckland and yes we have been having a drought, which is really unusual, especially for here in the Waikato (dairy farming country).
I actually lived in Central Queensland for 10 years and I definitely don't miss the heat, but it has been a really hot and long summer here in NZ.  But of course we moan when its hot and we moan when its cold, so just can't please us kiwis!! Lol.
Great to hear from you and nice to have someone a little bit closer to home.  
I am off for my MRI scan next Friday to check out the cyst and am a lot nervous as i'm not too keen on the enclosed space, but hey...there you go...gotta be done.

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Hi Kim

My son had to go for  a MRI when he was 15 and what he did was take a CD with him and they put it on and it took his mind off being in such enclosed space.  If i remeber right when he went for the next one he took the Wiggles CD with him i know the Techs had a laugh at that ( i think thats why he took it)
So maybe you could try that ( not the Wiggles though)
I'll be thinking of you and let us know how it goes.
Take care
Mid from OZ

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