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Mums being operated on on tues

Mum was rushed to hospital as she could not pass urine on Friday last week. The hospital did a lot of tests and when the results came back the gyne who was dealing with her said she needed surgery immediately but that he would refer her to a better surgeon than himself (and he is one of the best). This doctor came from another hospital within a few hours and described her as looking like she was 6 months pregnant and said that this is because she has a huge cyst in one of her ovaries and that he will have to remove it immediately. Mum is 67 and already suffers from a weak heart. Nobody has said she has cancer but all the evidence points towards it. They will be doing a plevic clear out. Are these symptons typical and does it mean that the cancer is at a very late stage. I would be very grateful for any feedback. My mother, father and brother are not aware of the seriousness and I don't want to upset anyone.  

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Until they actually get into the surgery, there is really no way to say what stage it is, IF it is even cancer.  Cysts that are benign or malignant often present with the same symptoms.  That being said, if all signs point to cancer, I'm sure they are taking every precaution to do the surgery the right way.  Has she had other testing done yet, like a CT Scan or CA125 blood test?  Are you able to be with her, or are you getting information second-hand?

Whatever the outcome, I am sending you all best wishes.  Please come back and let us know what happens.  There are many caring people on this forum who would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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Hi Gail,

Many thanks for replying, I am very encouraged at how positive and supportive you are to each other and feel as though I am intruding.

Mum has had the CT scan, US, MIR (I think) and a battery of blood test but I didn't hear anything about the CA125.  I will ask her doctor and try to find out more.  What does this test show?

I am with her and am keeping very positive and tell her it is just all routine and my brother is in NY with his family and I tell him the same as I do with my father but that's not what the doctors are saying to me but they wouldn't tell me fully until after the op. but I can only pray until then.

Thanks again and you will be in my prayers.

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Thoughts and prayers going out to you and your Mom.  As Gail said, there's no way of knowing the status of the cyst without a biopsy.  I think that it speaks amazingly of your Mom's original doctor, though.  The fact that the chose to have someone else take care of her means that he knows his limits and wants the best for her. Keep us posted as to how she's doing.  Please take care of yourself, as well.
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Hi Michael,

A CA125 blood test measures the protein given off by some ovarian cancers.  It is not exactly accurate, however, as other things in the body can cause the CA125 to be elevated...and in some women with ovarian cancer, it may not be elevated at all.  Doctors will often use is as one of the aids in diagnosing cancer, but in no way can it be considered a "cancer test".  Depending on the scale used, 0-35 is usually considered normal.  

You are not intruding here at all.  Support is what we do best.  I agree with Anne.  It's good to see her original doctor called in someone he trusts to do the surgery if he feels he might be in over his head.  I will say some extra prayers for your mom and for you, as well.  I'm really hoping for the best on Tuesday.

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didn't go good at all
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Sorry that the surgery didn't go well for your mom.  Prayers and hugs to you and yours.
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