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Mural Nodule and one Septation,

I'm losing my mind ever since I had these ultrasounds.  At first, they thought I had a simple cyst.  I don't.  It's a complex cyst - with one septation and a mural nodule.  I saw it on the ultrasound.... it's a perfectly bright round ball... I am 49 - no kids and just entering Perimenopause.  This is killing me.  I can't stop thinking about it.  I am dying from this before the dang cyst.. I'm scared... Can anyone offer some advice?  The isolation is beyond description... I feel like it would just be better to go away to a deserted island  and sleep this nightmare away. Thank you all - this is a wonderful forum.  Love, Me.
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   First off 98% of all ovarian cysts are benign. Most women with Ovarian Cancer, not all, are genetically predisposed with the BRCA mutation. I have BRCA. I had a grandmother and a aunt with ovarian cancer in their 50's. Ovarian cysts look a certain way on a ultrasound. At your age with no BRCA you have less than 1% of ovarian cancer. What is your doctor telling you? They saw my ultra sound and I was at the oncologist the next day. Many cysts go away on their own. Are you having symptoms. Weight loss, vomiting, a swollen belly like you are pregnant with weight loss?  Make sure you do not have it but in the meantime your chances are low so I would not obcess about it.
   I am dying of ovarian cancer and I am happy. I concentrate on my life. Today a friend took me to a movie. I had a bad week last week while on vacation. I ended up in the ER because I ate
a Bojangles chicken biscuit. Blocked bowels is how ovarian cancer kills. I have a restriction in my bowels and food blocks it off. The chicken did this to me.  I still had a good time at the beach. I swam in the ocean. I laughed with my friend. I was in unreal pain. I hate drinking milk of magnesia three times a day. The constipation is followed by a day of blow out diarrhea.
  Today is good day I had my blow out Saturday night into Sunday. Today I can go places. Today the pain is better. I have my husband, friends, and my pets. A friend asked me I worry about dying and I don't. I do not know when it will happen. My oncologist said months in February. I enjoy the little things. I like riding horses when I can. I like to write. Writing helped me change my outlook. I was really angry when I was diagnosed 4 years ago. Now that I stopped treatment I am happier. Acceptance is key. Knowing that control is an illusion. All we can control is are actions, how we think, and how we feel. Everything else is out of control. I think about others not just about myself. Many of my friends have problems too. My husband says it is not all about your cancer.
  Worry is trying to control the future and you cannot. I use Mindfulness meditation. I follow a Vietnamese Monk name Thicht Nhat Hahn. He makes thinks so simple. You live in the moment instead of being in the past and future. Your brain can't think of two things at once. If you stay tuned into the here and now you can't worry or be upset.

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I have been thinking about your situation. Have you seen a GYN/oncologist? May be they could get to the bottom of your cyst.
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Oh - Thank you for your kind response...
You helped me tonight with your words.  I am so sorry that you're dealing with all this..

I'm at a true loss for words...  Alex, I will keep in touch with you.  You're an inspiration.  I sometimes forget where I post things, so forgive me for not seeing your response earlier.

No, will be seeing my GYN for consult after the ca 125.  I didn't have many symptoms but they acted strange and evasive about the mutual nodule.  I have never been tested for the BRCA mutation.  But I did have a lot of radiation ( X-rays ) when I was a kid and they were all in my abdomen..

I'd like to call you my friend.. even though I do not know you in person.  Your story has really touched me.  I will keep you in my thoughts.  I hope you're not in any pain tonight, and that you will sleep well.

THANK YOU for reading my post - and responding. It means  A LOT.
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Thank you so very much.
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