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My 2nd opinon an Iridologist

Well, I tried calling several gyns and everone is booked up until Feb.  So, down the road is in iridologist, which people come from all around to see.  I am a believer because he cured my kidney stones.  Anyway, you walk in and never say a word, he looks in your eyes and tells you what is wrong.  Any way he explained to me that all problems was steming from one area, my abdomen.  And there was something bad wrong there.  It was effecting my digestion, especially my small intestine and colon, and my reproductive organs.  He also told me I had high blood sugar which is causing my feet and hands to go numb alot.  He also told me at this rate I wouldn't be around very long.  I asked him if it was cancer, because of my lump in my groin, all the pain, and my mom having uterine cancer.  And he said I cannot guarantee that it is.  But that is what he felt like it was or could be.  I am supposed to start my herbs today.  But if I can't get into a gyn until Feb. and its been two years and they can't find it, and they flat out refused to do a CA125, what do I do?  What is I need chemo or something?  I feel so scared.  I have three sons and I can't mess around and die.  They need me.  My oldest son has already lost his dad,and he is only 8, he CAN'T loose me too.
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yes I am in the US.  And the iridologist is an Omish who treats people with herbs, and like I said he cured my kidney stones, so I thought I'd give him a try.  He uses a flashlight and a magnifying glass to look at the iris of your eyes and he can tell by the pattern in your eyes what is wrong with you.  He has never been wrong with me or anyone I know so far.  He was close and I saw him Saturday.  And the gyns I was talking about would be a new gyn.  I have saw this practice that I am going to now for ever, and this problem for two years in September.  And I feel like I have gotton no where.  I am going to see my family doc today, because I can get in this afternoon and for a little peace of mind.  He was fantastic when I had the miscarriage in June.  The others doctors refused to do a ca125 because of the fact that sometimes it gave a false positive.  In knowing this wouldn't still be wise just to check and see anyway?  I am wondering if it would give a false negative?  And if it was extremely high maybe that would warrant someone looking forward instead of this wait and see thing we've done for so long?
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