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My DIL has H1N1 on top of OVCA

My daughter-in-law was diagnosed w/OVCA May 14, 2009. She went through 4 chemos, radical and brutal surgery at The Mayo, where they removed all female organs, 6-8" of intestine, and a grapefruit sized mass from her diaphragm. She's due for a scan 11/2, and to go back to Mayo in mid-November where they will check for cancer in lungs/pleura.
She is stage four, and since surgery has had 2 more chemos.

Today, she was diagnosed w/H1N1, feels terrible, and has 100.4 temperature.

What, specifically, should we be watching for? At what point would we take her to a hospital?
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Considering her immune system is already compromised, I would think she should call and let her doctor know what's going on. Who diagnosed her as having H1N1?

With any flu, increased fever, productive cough (coughing up goo), shortness of breath or an ache in the chest could all indicate pneumonia or at the least bronchitis. So far her temp isn't too bad, just enough to make her feel crummy. But she has to watch it closely. And she needs to stay hydrated. Any worsening of symptoms and she should go in. This is not the time to "wait and see".
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My son called a number of her doctors, and they said her temp is ok for now. She was diagnosed w/H1N1 by the family PCP this morning.

Her Mom has gone to stay w/her.

I'm concerned because I know her immune system is very weak, and she has not yet completely recovered from the surgery and still has pain.

My granddaughter, DIL's daughter, had H1N1 3 weeks ago, and I kept her at my house. My grandson, DIL's son, was diagnosed w/strep last Tuesday, and I had him at my home from Tuesday thru Sunday. I'm hoping & praying she doesn't get strep, too......
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My only comment is that our local hospital (I work there) is prescribing tamiflu (an anti-viral) for patients in the high-risk groups if they come down with flu symptoms.  This needs to be started as soon as possible to have the maximum effect.  Please advise your daughter to call her PCP or her oncologist to get this prescription right away!

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Good on you for jumping in and taking the kids when they're sick.  It's so important to keep her away from "bugs."  I'm glad that her mother is able to come and help out, too.  You're good women.  Take good care of yourself, too.  I fear you're in for a long haul.  
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Thank you all for your comments. My grandaughter had H1N1, and the doc prescribed Tamiflu at that time for the other members of the family.  Lot of good that did. Now, the doc has written another Tamiflu Rx. DIL seems to be holding up ok - fever still low - 100.4 but throwing up when she's not sleeping.  Guess I should worry - I now if any other symptoms appear, my son will know what to do......
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Throwing up seems to be a little quirk of this particular flu. Not very pleasant. I'm glad she's still holding steady. A few more days and she should start to feel better. Here's keeping my fingers crossed.
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