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My daughter is currently having a very bad time with constipation, any ideas

Ashley is all of the sudden having a serious issue with constipation. She usually goes at least once per day. When she is hospitalized, she does not feel comfortable going, therefore she holds for the 3 days. Wasn't a problem after the first treatment, but now after the second treatment it is. During her second treatment she did not eat or drink anything, but when she got home (after a day or two) she developed a voratious eat everything in site appatite. Now she is terribly constipated to the point that I think she may end up in the hospital. She is alot of pain and discomfort, which is preventing her from going to school. She is up all night trying to go. She says that it is right there, yet it hurts very bad and makes her feel like she is going to throw up. I've tried stool softeners, sapositories, fruit,I think the hospital is going to prescribe something else today. I am also concerned with the fact that her platletts are low and if this causes any injury I'm wondering what type of bleeding and how severe it could be. All of this going on, and it gets better. I had to take my wife to the emergency room yesterday. It turns out she has a 12 mm kidney stone blocking the opening to her urethra causing her kidney to back up and swell. Also several 5 mm stones in the kidney. Also scar tissue in her urethra. She will need laser blast for the stones and surgery for the scar tissue. This is next tues. & the following tues. (02/13/07) is Ashleys third chemo treatment. Does it ever end??

Thanks for any thoughts on the current situation,
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It never rains but it pours.  My heart goes out to you.  Regarding the constipation - when I was in hospital last July I wasn't going to be let home until I 'went'.  I had to go home with a catheter.  I found it impossible to do the job with a catheter in and I was getting desperate.  I had brought some dried apricots and mango with me and decided to munch on those (they tasted okay) as I was getting nauseated with the food.  It worked and I gave some to another patient who was having similar problems and it worked for her too!  My regular pattern was soon reestablished.  Prunes are also good but I can't ever see a 15 year old taking to eating them!

Sending you all my best wishes.
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Hello from a new member in the UK.

Constipation is awful - I get it whilst on chemo and have found that ripe papaya seems to work also the dried apricots and soft liquorice.  Also drink loads of water or a herbal tea called wild nettle (not a bad taste).  She will go eventually but if she tries too hard she could bleed and get very sore - I know I had it happen.  Exercise is also good - wish her well
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I don't know if she can take this being on chemo, but what finally helps me when nothing else will is Magnesium Citrate Oral Solution (gave it to me in the hospital). You mix it with gatorade or any other drink of your choice.  You can buy it at any drug store and comes in a couple flavors. They use this to clean out b/f a colonoscopy.  So if she does use it, she will need to be at home until she's cleaned out (a few hours).  Probably only 1/2 bottle will do the job instead of the entire bottle.  Hope she can use this.  God Bless You..... Lilly
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The best for me the APRICOT JAM. I think, teens like jams... Couple of spoon will do the job. But you need to find the right jam. You dont want to pick-up the "CORN syrup" one! In the supermarket, try to find the FRUIT and SUGAR only. The corn syrup is BAD for your daugther, and for everyone! The sugar will do the job. She also need to drink a lot of WATER too!
Best for you: Sue
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Hi I learned a couple of tricks while I have been going through this. Try making this drink heat up some prune juice and add some gingerale it taste great and it works. Also if that does work take a tablespoon of mineral oil and stir it into some ice cream or a booster juice that works well.
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I have always had this problem and it has become so bad during my chemo that I was miserable.  My doctor told me about a tea called Traditional Medicinals.  It has worked wonders for me.  One cup a day and I am cured even during my chemo treatments.  I finally started ordering it online.  Do a google search for traditional medicinals teas.  I hope it works for you. Best to you,

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i had really bad contipation before and after laparotomy surgery. raisin brand works for me ,i have some every morning,and lots of water. if it's really bad i use a herb tea that dieters use,it purges,but u should check the doc before giving her herbs
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The contispation was terrible during chemo. I found that Senokot and prunes worked. Good luck.
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If she's that blocked up, she needs an enema. Not fun but do it. Mag Citrate is also excellent but if she says it's right there and can't move it she sounds impacted.

You might want to bring her to the ER.  

Chemo is VERY constipating I've heard.

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Hi Bob...Sorry to hear about the bad run you are having at the moment. Apparently hot drinks are good... just plain hot water is supposed to be good, if Ashley will take it, and I think at the present time, she would be happy to try anything. Re the low platelets... my Oncol. has me on half an aspro each day to stop the platelets from getting 'sticky', while I'm on the chemo combo that I'm having now. According to him, the 'stickiness' can cause clots. I had very low platelets when on Gemzar, so had to  have an infusion to boost them at that time. Ashley's Doctor should be watching her platelets though, to make sure they don't get too low. If none of the above options from the other girls work for her, maybe they will give her an enema at the hospital, just to get things started, and she should be o.k. then. Have they checked to make sure it's not a bowel obstruction of any sort?
Just want to wish you all the best, and hope things will be sorted out for your family soon. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better, so try and ride out this stage you are facing now.
Best wishes...Helmar..
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Not to be graphic or anything, but mine was impacted (that's why I ended up in the ER) and when they gave me that magnesium citrate with gatorade, man-o-man did it becme unimpacted!!  I hope a chemo patient could use this so she wouldn't have to go to the hospital - last place I'm sure she wants to be for this!  Best.. Lilly
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Don't laugh, but I swear this works for me. When it got really bad after my surgery a friend of mine told me to chug down an Ice Cold Mountain Dew first thing in the morning and not eat breakfast until later in the day . Let me tell you within about 20 minutes there was no more constipation and I've used this a few times since. Her being a teenager and all she might be up to try this.
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Ugh, constipation - the worst side effect of all!!! I got a prescription for lactulose and it seems to help, but honestly, the trick here is to start taking these things BEFORE chemo starts. For me, the Zofran I took caused the worst of it, so the day or two before chemo, I'd start taking stool softeners twice a day and a small dose of sennocot. I'd take the lactulose the day of, and every day after chemo to keep things regular. I'd love to tell you it works, but I'm still trying to figure out the right combination here! As for your wife, I sympathize with the kidney pain - it is ungodly, to say the least. My two tumors are growing against both my ureters, and blocking them - I had to have a stent put in each one to hold it open. I just had the one removed and the other one changed - not fun, but it does bring some relief. I hope she's feeling better soon!
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