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My mom has an elevated CA125, from 65 to 350 in 3 months

Hi everyone.  I've read your messages in the past, but thought it was time to join the conversation.   My 88 yr old mom was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer a week before Christmas in 2007.  She had a successful surgery followed by 5 chemo treatments that ended in May 2008 and her CA125 marker has been relatively low since then (in the 20s & 30s until earlier this year.)   When we went to the doctor in Sept, the number went up to 65 which was a bit of a surprise but now at today's visit we got the shocking news that it jumped from 65 in Sept to 350 ths week.   Mom will have a scan scheduled, followed by another visit to the doctor after the scan's results are available.    I knew it would be back someday considering it was Stage IV and we have had nearly 4 years without it, praise God, so we have been very lucky compared to some.  However, what I'm curious about is whether people have treated their recurrences with chemo alone or always with surgery & then chemo?  The doctor says he will tell us more about what he thinks in terms of surgery after he sees the scan results but that both options could be out there -- most likely he was suggesting that if any new tumors were there, it would depend on how easily they could be reached.  That, and my mom's health is not the best, aside from the cancer.  

Mom seems to have already  made up her mind that she wants only chemo, but I'm curious about the length of time others may have gone between the last chemo for Stage IV and the recurrence, and how they proceeded.  Thank you for reading.
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