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My mother had an cystic mass of 9.5cm and has cancer in it.

My mother had an cystic mass of 9.5cm and has cancer in it. The cystic mass was removed and then tested. The BIOPSY report mainly  says
Parametrium of one side- free
Parametrium of other side - rupture


Now CT scan was done and a 10mm contiguous axial sections were acquired through upper abdomen after oral and intravenous contrast.  Follow up case of total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingectomy and adherent mass for serous cyst adeno-carcinoma. Large midline collection is seen in subcutaneous region of anterior abdominal wall measuring 9×4cm in size approximately likely postoperative. Ill defined soft tissue lesion is seen in pelvis on right side measuring 2cm in size approximately which appears to be adherent to sigmoid colon as well as urinary bladder.
Impression - Residual mass in pelvis on right side adherent to sigmoid colon and urinary bladder.

Please suggest what to do now. The operation was done on 18th june 2016, and my mother is still weak and another operation may weak her more. Please help...  
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First off I hope a Gyn/oncologist is doing the surgery. They need to do debulking to get out as much of the cancer as they can. Also go to the best hospital in the area for ovarian cancer. This is key. I have two University hospitals near me University of NC, where my husband works, and Duke. I thought UNC would be fine but it was not. They have a new cancer hospital but the only cancer they do not do is ovarian. I was at the women's hospital and it was 15 years behind the times. They did surgery and chemo but no support if chemo makes you sick, no, fluids or blood when I needed them. I did not like the Doctor at UNC but thought I needed surgery right away. I was stage 4. I should have gotten a second opinion. I saw the doctor for the first appointment when he told me about surgery and never again. He was in a Rock and Roll band and traveled for concerts. He was going to wait six months to see me after I finished chemo. I had no other doctor just a nurse who was an idiot. They did chemo in a hall way which was crowded and had no privacy, It was hard to change when I was sick and had three more chemos.

I was dying so I switched to Duke. An oncologist friend told me to. It was so much better. I wish I had compared hospitals. Duke was up on the latest research.  I would have died in August of 2012 if I had stayed at UNC. Duke hospitalized me immediately when I came in for my first exam.
This is not like knee surgery where you can have it just anywhere. From what you describe the surgeon does sound like he knows what he is doing. This is just such a tricky surgery. Stage 2 is great. She could have surgery, six rounds of chemo and then have a long remission. Unfortunately this cancer spreads so it is not as easy as taking the female parts and no more cancer. They will know more when she has surgery.They also take the lining of the organs called the omentum.
I was very weak at my surgery. I had been throwing up for two years and was thin. It took me awhile to recover. She needs to eat well after surgery to get herself healthy for chemo. I did not and I got very ill. I became 40 pounds under weight. I did exercise which help. I had friends who would walk with me. They still do. I also swim and ride horses. I am no athlete I just try to keep active. I am 53 years old.. I started out with cancer in 14 places. For years I was complaining finally I just could not eat. I even went to the ER one week end I threw up very hard. I have MS so they just said it was MS.
I have acgood GP who helps me with my symptoms. Constipation is a big one and it is hard to talk about. If you have any other let me know.
Thank you alex. You been so nice, you shared your experience and i am glad that you are totally fine now..  You said exactly what doctors told us. We are heading towards best possible hospital near by and surely i ll adopt your advice.
Thank you so much. My mother, i and my whole family hope for your best. God bless you
Rajat Verma
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She has a very good chance since they caught it early. I bet she has along remission. They do wonders when they catch it early. The main thing after surgery is to get up and walk as soon as she can the pump you full of air and you have to walk it out. The air pain to me was the worst part and constipation. When she gets home have vaseline and medical gloves if you get blocked. That saved me instead of straining. Also if you can get a walker at a second hand store to get in and out of bed or off the coach.

Before surgery think of a memory that is nice. The more involved the better. This helps to relax you before surgery. I ride horses so I think of the whole process of saddling, riding and unsaddling. It relaxes me.

Picture help. I print pictures and take them to flip through. It helps.

Thanks you alex, the second surgery has been done. She is ok now. The chemotherapy might start after 3 weeks. It is just now the expenses that worries us not the cancer. Thank you for your support and advice. Hope soon we can manage to get some money for further treatment.
Rajat Verma :)
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