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Sometime around December 2005, I was diagnosed by my Ob-Gyne to have a small Myoma through ultrasound. I've gone through a lot of miscarriage since 1999, maybe around 2-3. Now, evrytime i have my monthly period, im having too much bleeding and a whole mass of blood is coming from my uterus. its not normal for me, my tummy is not aching much actually, but the way blood flows is not normal for me. im afraid im having ovarian cancer. please tell me the symstoms and what measures do i have to do to minimize the disease im having. are there some medicines to be taken? please give me advice what to do espcially when im havinf profuse menstrual flow. Are the whole mass of blood giving signs that this is cancer? Im so afraid. Please help me. Thanks a lot in advance.
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