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Myomectomy / Laparotomy

I am reading about common uterine conditions and the site makes mention of using myomectomy as a way of removing fibroids.  I am not sure how old this information is but there is no mention of laparotomy.  Are the two the same?
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Myomectomy is done to remove fibroids and preserve the uterus.  It is most commonly done on younger women who still want to have children.  The surgery is long and difficult and may cause problems with bleeding.  (I believe you often bank your blood prior to the surgery.)  Fibroids can return.  Hysterectomy is much faster and cheaper to do, and oh, gosh doctors then have a guaranteed return patient who will need further care and HRT, just what they want. And will probably have further complications such as bladder problems.  

Laprascopic procedures mean they operate via the abdomen, using gas to inflate your tummy and working under the skin with special cameras and tools. You avoid the big external incision and recovery time is reduced.  I don't recall reading that they remove fibroids laprascopically, unless they are taking the uterus out with them.  Also check into the newer methods they are using where they inject into the vein that feeds the fibroids and shrink them.  There has been some recent funding given to research being done into a type of laser (?) blasting.


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According to that site I posted above, they do laparoscopic myomectomy but obviously I am not educated about them, any of you guys who know about this jump in here.....
Cheers, Katie
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I found another site that speaks of 3 types of mymectomies:
Laparoscopic, Hysteroscopic and Laparotomy.  The technique used seems to be somewhat dependent on the location of the fibroids, size, and number.  So a laparotomy is a type of myomectomy.
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You're absolutely right.  It's quite confusing at times eh?  Good for you for educating yourself.  Hope I got it kind of correct, I am still on Tylenol 3 and a bit of Percocet...
Cheers, Katie
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How long has your recovery been?  How many weeks off from work?
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My surgery was the 24th so just over a week.  They say 4-6 weeks recovery time.  Mine was laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy, with removal of remaining ovary, cervix, uterus and tubes.  I am feeling good overall, my husband keeps trying to get me to quit pacing around, but I am so bored! I only take the pain killers at night, more to sleep than anything.  I really miss working out.  Laparoscopic is easier on you, but, I have heard some say "Who cares about an additional week or two recovery time IF they can do a better procedure by opening you up".
Do you have fibroids?  Do you have children?  
What are the doctors telling you to do?
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