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Natural Remedies

Anyone heard of Laetrile therapy?  Sounds better than chemo.  Please let me know, my son has been doing research on natural remedies because he just thinks chemo kills too many other cells.  Thanks msmoe13
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It's better...only if you want to die.  It's been linked to cyanide poisoning, of all things.  Coupled with the fact that (like the other ladies have said) it's totally quack medicine.  There is absolutley no *unbiased* research that shows it's affect on cancer cells.

Although chemo is cytotoxic, it's the approved and only 'good' treatment out there in our lifetime.  Is there some natural methods that will eventually replace chemo?  Yes.  That research has been put off for many many years but now the pharm companies are seeing their potential and are marketinging it (i.e. Phenoxodiol for one).

Don't be afraid to discuss adjunct/complimentary treatments with your physician.  I always recommend (talk w/your doc first / non-FDA approved, of course):

1) Maitake D-Fraction (maitake.com) Grifron Pro:  One of the safest supplements around (so safe it skipped FDA Phase 1 safety trials); research shows anti-cancer activity however it's best feature is boosting the immune system

2) CoQ10:  Excellent to take if you are Doxil and Doxil can damage your heart.  Also research on it's anti-cancer effects.

3) Omega 3 Fatty acids:  Very important to take to prevent the 'wasting' syndrome in cancer patients (look into the fish oil versions, supposedly they have better effect than the flaxseed versions)

4) Genistien & I3C  (Soy Isoflavones / Dark Green Vegetables).  Also anti-cancer research, however Genistien is the component used in Phenoxodiol which is in Phase 3 trials now.

5) Turmeric

I have some articles available on my website (via my profile) which helps to summarize a few of these to give you a better idea.  Remember these are *not* cures and should not replace chemo.  
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You think laetrile is better than chemo?????????????????
Aside from the fact it does not work and only steals money from the most desperate...

Have any side effects or risks been reported from laetrile?
The side effects of laetrile treatment are like the symptoms of cyanide poisoning. These symptoms include:

Nausea and vomiting.
Blue color of the skin due to a lack of oxygen in the blood.
Liver damage.
Abnormally low blood pressure.
Droopy upper eyelid.
Trouble walking due to damaged nerves.
Mental confusion.
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Many people lost their life savings going out of the country for laetrile.  Sharon is right. Chemo is the best chance we have.  I had very high dose chemos and made it through okay.  Marie
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Just my opinion, I believe Laetrile is a hoax.  My father tried it and many other "natural" treatments in 1979 to no avail.  Also, his wallet was much lighter...
Chemo is no picnic but it is currently the best option we have to fight this beast.  Best wishes to you,
Sharon B
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