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Need After Surgery Advice. Pain!

I had my 13cm cyst taken out on July 20th..  as far as I know, everything had come out okay. The OB/GYN said that it was bigger then she initially thought, but was able to suck it through the tube.  (Laparscopically).  I actually felt better waking up from the surgery, then I do now.  Then again... they were also feeding me Percocets, so maybe I was just out of it. They said I would be able to go back to work that following Monday, 3 days later... yeah, not happening. I couldn't bend, nothing.  My stomach muscles felt as though they were being ripped out of me.  So, on Wednesday, 5 days post surgery, I called my ob/gyn because the pain is getting worse.  I can bend better, but if I cough or sneeze, I have to cringe and think of better things to keep from crying.  She tells me, "Its the carbon dioxide gas." and I say, "Doesn't that usually just take 1 to 3 days?" and she asks me about shoulder pain.. which I actually never got.  THen she just says, "Well, you have a post op appointment on July 31st, hang in there." and hangs up the phone. I am in tears. I am in pain.  My stomach is so tender to the touch.  It is this awful burning pain like on the outside and it feels as though my stomach muscles are tearing if I move just right.  What can I do to make it subside??  I have always had a very high pain tolerance and this is almost making me depressed.   Where did the burning come from?? Its between like two of the incisions.  I am at the end of my rope trying to figure out what to do it for it.  Please, any suggestions?  Thank you.
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I did not have laparscop so can't help you with your pains. If it is gas, try to take ginger tablets to help release it...Your pain sounds like some serious bruising inside.  What about shoulder pain? does she mean that the gas could be caught in the shoulder area?? suggest you try the ginger tablets or if you have an acupunturist, try that to release the gas.  Hope you feel better before the 31.
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Well three things:

1) You never have to be in pain.  If you insurance has one, ask for a pain specialist.  Any of the opioids can help you from Morphine to Dilaudid (Hydromorphone).  Many Dr's are unjustly afraid to prescribe the necessary pain control despite NCI and DEA assurances that it is ok for cancer pain.  Not all pain medications work the same for everyone...Dr's lose sight of this

2) For gas...keep your gut moving.  I posted an article today about chewing gum that can help.  Also probiotics are great to take (you can even get a liquid version at GNC that tastes great).  Kefir (fermented milk...don't worry they have flavors and is like a smoothie) is great to take as well and has probiotics.

3) L-Glutamine helps with the intestinal cells...about 5 to 10g per day.  GNC has it in powder form (5g) so you can split it up to get your 10g a day.  Dr's can prescribe a prescribable version as well but I don't know how that one actually works.
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