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Need a professional opinion.

Hi there! I'm 19 years old and for the past couple of months I've been having a lot of symptoms of ovarian cancer, so I'm a little freaked out at the moment. I've been having constant bloating, feelings of over-satiation, irregular bowel movements, increased amounts of gas (usually trapped for hours and causing pain), mild incontinence, increasingly strong back pains, and about once a month, very sharp lower abdominal pains that are usually located on the lower right side with a lesser pain in the left. At first, my mom thought it was just bad eating habits and a lack of exercise (she's a bit of a health nut, but I did take her advice to take some pepto bismol), but the symptoms have gone on for about 4 1/2 months now. After the third time of having the now monthly pains, she thought that it could possibly be an ovarian cyst or appendicitis. The pain lasted for about 15 hours, but was not completely constant. For several minutes, it would be so bad that I started crying, but then it would be tolerable for a few minutes after that. After getting simple blood work done just to make sure my white blood cell count wasn't elevated, my primary care physician recommended that I visit my gynecologist. Everything seemed fine and he chalked it up to being ovarian cysts and prescribed birth control for me, which I am currently on. The most recent time that I had the pain landed me in the emergency room after I threw up and could barely walk. The doctors ran blood tests again (not sure exactly what they tested for) and said everything looked fine. They even did a CT scan, but didn't see anything. No infections or any masses that were visible. I have yet to have an ultrasound done, but I am more than a little worried that it could be something worse than just an ovarian cyst, especially because I am beginning to have worse back pains, neck pains now, an increase in common infections/colds/viruses, and somewhat irregular bleeding. A friend of my dad's also noted that it could be endometriosis. Any thoughts?
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A doctor does not see this forum only women like me with Cancer.

1. A woman without the BRCA mutation ( a genetic mutation which runs in families and causes ovarian cancer) has a 1.4% of getting ovarian cancer in a life time. The odds are very low it is ovarian cancer.

2. It is rarer still to get ovarian cancer before the age of 40.

3. By the time you have symptoms for ovarian cancer it would probably show up on a CT scan. Women do not have symptoms for ovarian cancer until they have had it awhile.

4. The reason women have bloating, vomiting and the like is because of blocked bowels. The food can't go out so it comes back up.

5. The ultra sound is the next step. It will at least put your mind at ease.

6. There are many gynecological disorders that have the symptoms you describe which are benign. Many women have cysts. 98% of cysts even large ones are not cancer. The female body is complex. My gynecologist says there is so much about the female reproductive system they do not understand.

I would try not to worry about cancer. You might have something like polycystic ovary syndrome which can be very painful but not like cancer


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I've also been having fatigue! Sleeping for longer periods of time than I find usual, but that may be due to the lack of sleep I have had for the last three months due to this past semester in school.
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