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Nervously waiting pathology on right ovary

I have suffered with LRQ pain for many years thinking it was a minor hernia (that a former surgeon told me I had). In the last 1-2 yrs, I have been struck with spells of nausea with severe vomiting, sometimes with diarrhea, sometimes constipation. I have spent many hours in the emergency waiting rooms with nothing conclusive, put on IV steroids for what they thought were crohns disease and lupus related illness.(Have both) Then, in February of 2010, was brought to emergency by my girls for same weird spells with pain in the stomach and the horrid vomiting. They performed a contrast CT scan of my stomach(upper and lower) and discovered a cyst with enlarged right ovary. Was told to see gyn/ob specialist for follow up. This could be causing my symptoms. Also had a UTI infection, followed with antibiotics. Since then have had 2 different sets of ultrasounds, the last my PCP office called and said I needed to see the gyn Dr asap as I had a complex/septated/suspicious and fast growing cyst/tumor with an extremely enlarged right ovary. The ovary was 4x bigger than the left. Surgery was performed 6 days ago, gyn Dr says it was the biggest,ugliest ovary he had ever seen with too numerous to count cysts and growths over the entire ovary with adhesions covering one whole side. It appears this has been brewing/diseased for many yrs, explaining in entirety the pain in my right side/groin/right leg and nausea/vomiting that goes along with it.As well as my 8 month pregnant looking gut. I just hope I haven't waited to long. I vaguely remember a few yrs ago, after my endometrial ablation and tubal ligation(No more hemorrhaging!!!) my former gyn Dr.(from my former town)saying I had many cysts and to follow up with an ultrasound every 3 months or so, but I really wasn't having any problems back then(that I thought were associated with cysts, now I realize they were) so I didn't follow up then. I am anxiously awaiting the pathology results and will find out tomorrow or Monday on whether it's a malignant ovary or not. Can an ovary be that enlarged for a benign reason? All I can find is cancer for any searches of an enlarged ovary especially with the growths on it. Anyone out there have anything similar to my situation with a positive result? The Dr reassured me that it should be good results but I'm not sure if this is what he does with all his patients or if he really believes it(he's a very upbeat, positive type) Maybe he just wants to wait and see what the biopsies/pathology on the ovary/growths show. Any comments good or bad are welcome.
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I had a footballed sized ovarian tumor removed a few weeks ago. The lab work showed it was a mucinous cyst and was of low malignancy potential (borderline). Not all large tumors or cysts are cancerous I believe, especially in younger people. Best of luck to you.
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I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. I sure wish you would have had a gynocologic oncologist perform your surgery.  He/she would have been able to tell you more at surgery. Did they do a CA125 blood test?
Not trying to scare you at all, but I had all the same symptoms you mentioned. My mother had ovarian cancer so I was familiar with the symptoms and knew about the ca125.  When I first went to my family doc with my symptoms I demanded a ca125 which came back significantly elevated.  Then I demanded a referral to an Gyn/Onc instead of just a regular ob/gyn.  I was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer on May 11th.  
I will be praying your news is better than mine was and that it comes very soon. The waiting is enough to make a person crazy. Please keep us posted
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