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New Test - Early Detection

Today in Australia it was announced a New Detection Test for Ovarian Cancer is now available to women.

The blood test can be done by your local GP and the results will be back with-in 10 working days. This new testing has a 94% accuracy rate in detecting OvCa in the very, very early stages.

I don't have any further information on it as yet, but all major TV channels ran with the story this evening. I expect there will be a published story on it, which is usually the case in the mornings paper.

I thought this was exciting news and wanted to share it with you all.
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Thanks Janet it says it is years off.... sigh..........clincial studies...being done... what I dont understand is why they don't test it on women who already have the diseae to see what it says... alas someone I hope will speed this up...
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I've heard about the research they are doing at the Prince Henry Institue but the test they were referring to on this evenings news is: (I've copied and pasted it, so here's hoping it come out ok)

HealthLinx is developing novel, non-invasive, serum-based, diagnostic products.  The Ovarian Cancer Program has completed a phase II biomarker trial.  The outcome is the development of the first generation ovarian cancer diagnostic OvPlex.  OvPlex is a panel of six markers including the gold standard CA125.  The trial screened 150 diseased samples and 212 normal samples and statistical significance was achieved for the detection of early stage ovarian cancer as interpreted by an independent biostatistician.  This has resulted in the company now planning to release the product in the Australian market 3rd quarter 2008 through its distribution partner ARL Pathology as an elective test.

OvPlex will help by:-
Aiding diagnosis of ovarian cancer at an early stage of the disease to allow early treatment with the aim of increasing survival rates.
Positive CA125 results may be used in conjunction with the OvPlex test to detect Ovarian Cancer. OvPlex will be specific for Ovarian Cancer whereas CA125 has limitations.
Recurrence of Ovarian Cancer would be detected earlier allowing immediate treatment to commence.
What is the OvPlex™ Diagnostic?
OvPlex is a diagnostic assay that will utilise at least 5 biomarkers that are found in blood to detect ovarian cancer in women

I just watched the late news and it was again saying it has now been released here but it didn't say anything about being released for use in other countries, I'll have to do some more research and see what I can find out.


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Thanks Janet, so many times one country releases something an others don't... lag time in the United States is really bad.. They have treatment here in Costa Rica that is still not approved in the United states..yet has been used for years other places...

Keep us posted... Ronni
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Exciting news .. hope it happens here.  Thanks for posting.  Judy
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This is what i seen yesterday on Sunrise


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In the states LabCorp had developed a test but the FDA made them pull it.  

The OvaSure test was developed by researchers at Yale University and a study of high-risk and average-risk women found that OvaSure was 95 percent accurate in detecting ovarian cancer, according to LabCorp when it announced the product’s launch this June. False positives occurred in 0.6 percent of women.


YALE did this study, not some podunk quack.  It infuriates me that with the high death rate of this disease that they would keep ANY legitimate test away from us.  It isn't like they are giving us experimental drugs.  If the test proves positive than of course you would follow up with an ultrasound or whatever.  They are so worried about scaring women with false positives that they are willing to let us die in order not to frighten a few women. It is unbelievable that this is allowed to happen in a so called developed nation.

The test Mid and the others mentioned was available starting yesterday.  It identifies 5 bio markers as opposed to one.  

"Using the Oplex test, it is hoped early detection will produce a 90% rate of full recovery."

Maybe we need to start picketing or standing outside the FDA screaming.  I don't know what it is going to take, but I am sick of them dragging their feet on this.

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