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New Year Blessings all.

Just to send blessings to all, and to wish each of you a very Happy New Year. Hopefully is will be a good one for us all, with successful results with our treatments, scans etc.  I hope we can all forget about the beast for a little while, and enjoy welcoming in '08. Wishing you all the best...hugs..Helen..
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Praying for healing may God bless all of you.
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Blessings to you, too, Helen, and to all of us on this forum.  May 2008 be a year filled with hope, strength, cures and miracles!  Judie :)
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Sounds good to me Helmar
Happy New Years all
God Bless
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I am heading upstairs to do a little pre going out pampering and I am going to forget all about cancer for this one night.  I am having dinner with some friends and going to party with some others.  I can't wait!  Wow, 2 weeks without chemo and I can't say I feel great but good enough to go have some fun and make some memories.  You all have a wonderful New Year's Eve.  
Big Hugs to All
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Happy New year and may we all be blessed with strength and good humor for the coming year. I send hugs to everyone from beautiful Costa Rica.. Ronni
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Happy New Year everyone and may you all enjoy the end of another year you beat the disease.  Thank you for encouraging me!  I really don't have anywhere else where I can go and just feel understood.  It means the world to me!!!! I really think of you all every day and feel like I've gotten to know many of you through your posts.  Have a great night and let's pray next year may bring new advances and a cure for this disease!!!!  God Bless You!
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Happy New Year, I don't have a diagnosis yet, but I want you all to know how wonderful you have all been...no matter what my outcome, I know I am welcome here and I pray for nothing but remission for those of you that do have the disease. I'm heading out for my first new year with out my husband...and maybe the last cancer free, but I will keep my hopes up for the best....I will be surrounded by good friends..Hugs from sunny south Florida. Hillary
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Wishing you all the best in the new year! Keeping you in my prayers ~ and sending each and every one of you a hug to start off the year with!! :)  ~ Fran
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Got back to sons house today in time for New Years Eve, been up north in the snowy part of AZ , going back to Iowa next Friday, want to wish all of you you a wonderful New Year and with all the blessings that come with all new things, will toast all of your healths at midnight.  Love marty
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Wishing everyone a very Happy Newyear from the uk . Praying for the best health for us all and that this may be the year where they find the miracle cure. Love Angie xx
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Health, Happiness and Hope.   God bless us all in 2008
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Wishing each and every one of you a Happy New Year!!!!  Let's do our part to get the word out so EVERYONE knows the symptoms of OVCA!  I will be praying for a peaceful year filled with improving health for everyone!  
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