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I was diagnosed with Stage IIIc Clear cell ovarian cancer in May. I responded well to surgery and chemo. I am also BRCA 1 positive and have a rarer form of Multiples Sclerosis. I am 49. I had had cancer symptoms for six years. 26 months of bleeding with an endometrial ablation, which did no good. Two and half years of vomiting, anorexia, and blockage, and two years of diaphragm spasms which lasted two hours at a time. They took out my gallbladder even though I said it does not hurt the pain is down low. I was told by the ER it was a virus when I threw up three day old food. The gastro said IBS. I had four endometrial biopsies which showed nothing. Pelvic ultrasounds showed masses but they thought they were PCOS. Finally they stopped doing them.

In May a pelvic ultra sound showed I was full of cancer and they did surgery right away. My doctors want me to do mastectomies and more chemo. I am taking a three month break. I was underweight before surgery and not able to eat. I could not eat after surgery nor during chemo. I needed a break to gain weight. They could not even give me full chemo because I was emaciated and my organs were shutting down. I was neutropenic and badly anemic until six weeks after chemo. I have gained 17 pounds, and am back to my old routine. Yoga, riding horses, training service dogs, etc.

I will see a breast doctor after the new year and do more chemo then. Not sure about the mastectomies though. My CT showed something new in the liver so I am waiting. I am not doing mastectomies with no breast cancer if the ovarian has gone to the liver. I come from a long line of women on both sides with early and aggressive ovarian and breast and men with early an aggressive prostate cancer. My brother are all the family left and we both have cancer.

I am very happy. I am enjoying my life despite the cancer and the MS. I am oddly happier than I have ever been in my life.

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Alex - HUGS to you!!!!!   There is one good thing about ovarian cancer, you will meet and come into contact with the greatest group of women EVER.

I have a friend that is about 26 years out now, stage 3B....I also know someone that was diagnosed with Clear Cell, Stage 1C, which was about 4-5 years ago.  She has gone through many recurrances, but, is still doing well with an amazing quality of life.   Her cancer is managed.  She is also a breast cancer survivor.

Glad to hear that you are putting on weight, and back to your old routine.   Stay positive, it does make a difference.

Enjoy the holidays!!!

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