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For almost two years now I've been having continous lower back pain and what I am used to calling "butt" pain, which I am guessing is pelvic pain?  It is so bad that I am constantly taking pain meds. When it gest bad, it gets so bad that my thighs, legs, arms and my entire body hurts. I am always constipated, recently - about 4 months ago it has become severe along with constantly feeling bloating and distension (Look and feel like I am 6 months pregnant) and tenderness in my abdominal area. I have had many different studies done through my pcp and different specialists(Rheumatology, GI, Neurolgoy/Pain). Recently I finally saw an OB/GYN for the first time in my life (34 yrs - was not sexually active until three years ago).  She suspected endometriosis and requested a pelvic ultrasound with transvaginal. Pap with HPV came normal. Yesterday she called and told me I have a small (2 cm) cyst in my right ovary and wants to repeat test in a month to monitor size.

I really feel with my symptoms and my general feel of not being a healthy individual that I could have something as serious as ovarian cancer. I am not losing weight. In fact, I've gained quite a bit lately although I don't eat that much (due to having RNY surgery in 2004). Please help..am I on the right track? and what do I need to ask my dr. to do? I am feeling so horrible.


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