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OBGYN dr is a joke!! Going to see oncologist Monday.

Well, went to the obgyn today.....what a joke!! First off I NEVER saw the dr, just his nurse. she ran in and out with the info I gave her. They said that I should just try BC pills for now. DUH!! been there, done that, didnt work. They want to do a vaginal ultrasound thurs. I called and made an appt with the ob/oncologist for monday. They didnt even READ my charts!! The nurse says "no children for you yet?" DUH!! it says right there, 4 pregs--3 live births (oldest is now 13). This doctor is a baby deliverer and has never done a surgery for anything like this. The nurse had me strip down and did a "feel for it" approach. She wasnt even close to where the ovaries are!!! I said thats enough. I will do the transvaginal ultrasound on this thurs, and I will take the results to the oncologist monday.

When you all talk about drs not listening, these ones take the cake!! Even my general dr was infruriated with this dr, and apologized for referring me to them. By the way, my CA125 is not 34.....its 70 (but they dont feel that I needed to know that) GEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry everybody, just had to vent a little  :)
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I totally understand your frustration; been there too.  I just hope the facility that is doing the ultrasound is reliable and really not affiliated with this ob/gyn you saw.  I am really beginning to think the techs and the readers of the reports (radiologists?) are a specialized field as well.  My gyno/onco as much as told me that yesterday.  He didn't pay much attention to the ultrasound I already had done and said his facility will do it again in 4 weeks (sucks I have to wait, but whatever, I guess).  He indicated that the techs and readers of the reports are trained more in women/onco issues - not just general abdominal techs.  And this facility works directly with the gyno/onco issues only. I don't mean to second-guess your appt. on Thursday, but sounds like you got a real doozy today and wouldn't want you to go through that again with the ultrasound.  I think I'm one step ahead realizing that now.  At first, my urologist confused my urethra tract for my ovary as he specifically told me I had a kidney stone.  Waiting 24 hours for it to pass when the his office called me the next day to say there was no stone, but an ovarian cyst.  They acted very funny when I said the urologist told me for sure it was a kidney stone.  They were like, nooo, it's a cyst and you better call your ob/gyn.  Talk about Geeezzzz!  Best of luck to you; I know what you're going through, believe me!  Lilly
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Goes to show you that the first person you should listen to about what's going on with your body is YOU!!!! I went in to see my dr. in September for terrible cramps during period, ovulation and during intercourse. She told me I was probably experiencing more painful periods because I was not on the pill (had my tubes tied almost 2yrs ago). Now, 4 months later, I'm getting ready to schedule surgery to remove a cyst the size of my uterus. I wish I'd been more aggressive 4 months ago and demanded an US. Maybe it didn't grow between then and now but maybe it did!
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God knows there aint a woman in here who doesn't know where you are coming from. Right the way through the whole process I felt I was more informed about gyn issues than the doctors. The only person I had any faith in was my surgery.

I had my GP practically tell me not to make such a fuss when I went to him feeling anxious. He said it was a functional cyst that would only require laparoscopy, my notes were in front of him telling him I had a 20cm complex mass and elevated ca 125 (dickhead) I went and saw another GP who practically told me it was cancer, shook me up so bad I ended up on Valium for a month. THEN on my follow up appointment after my surgery (results time) the gyn nurse tells me it was just a fluid filled cyst. LMFAO it wasn't it was a mucinous cystadenoma (my friend a nurse got my results before the appointment)

I have developed a bit of a morbid hatred of doctors after the whole debunkle. The worse part was my GP's lack of understanding and sympathy - it was a man though what does one expect.

Anna x
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I 2nd that all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You know what's going on. Peace
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Hi Casper--You might want to read some of my posts to other people for more info.  I was referred to an oncologist too, because I had a 5-cm cyst on my ovary and my CA-125 was 360.  It turned out that the cyst was an endometrioma and I had severe endometriosis, not cancer.  If I hadn't had the cyst, it probably wouldn't have been diagnosed because that's all that showed on the ultrasound.  There is no test that can rule out endometriosis other than surgery and endometriosis can be very painful, so you should ask your doctor about it if none of the tests give you a diagnosis.  Good luck.
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