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OVCA and Breast Cancer

Dear all,

My mother is currently on gemzar/carbo as a thirdline treatment; she was diagnosed yesterday with breast cancer. A biopsy was done, and we are awaiting a consultation to hear about staging. This turn of events is particularly discouraging because she recently had an active and happy week.

Anyone out there have experience with or hear of being treated for OVCA and breast cnacer simultaneously?
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So sorry to hear this. Is it breast cancer or is it ovarian cancer that spread in a lymph node to the breast?

Ovarian had spread to a lymph node in my breast and then Carbo/Taxol killed it.

I know that they use Taxol for breast cancer.

I have heard a lot on breast cancer patients getting ovarian cancer.

Please let us know how you mother makes out. Life really can be unfair...she's got enough to deal with.

All my best to you and your Mom.
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The doctor beleives it is breast cancer and not OVCA mets to the breast. This cancer hasn't been staged yet.I've got my fingers crossed. Thanks for your good wishes.  
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Hi Jen... So sorry to hear your Mum's news. Has your Mum... or have you, been tested for the BRCA gene? A friend of mine has OvCa and has also lost a sister to this disease, so she was tested and found that she carried the gene which gives her 80% chance of contracting breast cancer too. Just wondering if, in the light of your Mum's plight, maybe you should be genes tested to ensure that you will be o.k. in the future. This OvCa is a horrid disease and it's bad enough on it's own, but I feel for your Mum having to fight both this and breast cancer too.I wish your Mum all the best. Hugs to you both....Helen...
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