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Im 30 years old and felt fine up until last year.  It started with pins and needles sensations all over my body.  Its pretty much constant through out the day and includes my face, arms, hands and left shoulder blade.  Went to a neurologist to rule out MS. Everything came back fine.  Since then i still suffer from the pins and needles .. but started to have pelvic achiness.. it lasts all month... i would say a week out of the month i have no cramps... i blame it on im either ovulating or about to start my period.. i also have lower back pain and pain in my right hip.  I also suffer from extreme fatigue.. although i dont sleep i just feel drained... i also have gas all day!! it gets annoying.. its pretty much every day all day long.. ive been told i have IBS not sure if this has anything to do with that or not... also when i move my bowels.. it seems i dont get it all out... and i find myself frequently going in to the bathroom to wipe myself bec it leaks out or something..  i know ive had ovarian cysts and continue to have them... i experience ovulation pain.. and this past month i felt as if one burst during sex and the pain was extreme it last for a few days but lessen as the time went on... now this month.. im still suffering from the above but today i started spotting alot of brownish red blood... it s been 5 days since my period ended and this has never happened before.. ive had 4 vaginal births with out complications.. no std's.. normal pap smears since ive started getting them... im just getting frustrated.. the drs just keep telling me im depressed... and now i recently got divorced and have no insurance.. i start a new job next month and will have benefits soon hopefully... Im just wondering if i have endometrosis, functional cysts.. or CA im not sure whats going on .. but im not getting any better..
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i feel for u, all i could say to u is dont give up we know our body's and if it dont feel right then it possible it isn't your cyst may of got bigger ibs can make u feel very drained but i do think this maybe more..
i'm also having things go wrong like u i had 2 cyst's removed last year one was over 10cm but now 8months later im back in pain and my Dr will not send me on to see anyone,
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