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Olympic Torch Lighting

   Whether you are a fan of the Olympics or not, if you missed the lighting of the Olympic Torch, you really should see it. It was absolutely breathtaking. Just go to youtube.com and type in 2008 Beijing lighting of the Torch.
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Thanks, Chris, I will go to Youtube and look for it. Thanks for the encouragement. I stayed up for most of the opening ceremonies but fell asleep about five minutes before the torch was lit. We have been studying the Olympics at school (with the Day Treatment kids) and so I am extra excited about it all this summer.

On a sad note, regarding the American businessman, Todd Bachman, who was killed....you won't believe this, but, two years ago, I met up with one of the forum members who lives near me in Minneapolis, and we met at Bachman's. And, it was at the store that serves as Headquarters. It is my all time favorite Lawn/Garden/Flower/Gift shop. They have been around since the late 1800's. He was a forth generation Bachman. So Sad. In fact, my husband was heading to the store to buy some mulch when he heard the news and so he spoke with the employees about the tradgedy.

I am thrilled you all got together this weekend and I am LOVING the pictures....

Love, Mary
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I was able to watch the entire opening ceremonies on Friday morning through the tears in my eyes.  It was so beautiful and the Chinese people did an awesome job.  Even my husband's eyes glistened as we enjoyed this together.  The Olympics brings the whole world together and that is somehting that is needed now.
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Totally agree.   I was not so sure 2 days befor open ceremony whether or not it worth watching, then I saw the preview which made my mind.  There is no word can describ how surprise, exciting i was watching the whole performance, It is perfect!!!  

Hope everyone had a great weekend

Peace and Love

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