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On my way to Laparoscopy

Hi ladies,

I saw the gyn surgeon today and she still wants to take the left ovary out because she says that the mass is complex, vascularized, septated, and looks weird.  Even though it is 2 cm, she wants it out...I agree with her.
I will have the procedure done Friday.  Thanks to everyone for supporting me.  I will keep you posted.
Cheers and Love....
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Good luck will be thinking of you on friday .

Take care Angie
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Thinking about and praying for you. If you get the scare(s), just holler!!!! I know I spent a lot of time being scared, and everyone on the FORUM helped me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If it's bad or even just weird, you don't really want it in your body, do you? Go get that sucker removed!   I'm thankful that you have an aggressive doctor who doesn't want to take chances. The recovery is a relatively easy one, with not too much pain.
Hope they give you good pain meds. You might be a little giddy; make the most of it!  Do something fun.  Do jigsaw puzzles.  Call the time and temperature in your town.  Get on the internet and check out some funny videos (ooh; look for "Mrs. Hughes Live at the Ice House" on Youtube.  ohmygosh how funny). Best of luck to you!  Keep us posted.

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Good luck on Friday, I'll be thinking of you & sending a prayer your way.
My laparoscopy is next Tuesday!  

God Bless,
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Hi Bella! I just wanted to say I will be thinking of you on Friday and sending you some positive thoughts. With love, Deandra
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