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38 year old female. Elevated white count (12,000 to 17,500) off and on (mostly on) since 2007 without an acute infection. Current blood tests results (sample drawn 4/3) revealed elevated WBC, elevated neutrphils and elevated folate. Still await a number of other results. Past labs have revealed elevated neutrophils, monocytes, lymphocytes and basos.

The differential from 3/21/13 came back with "large" platelets and a liver panel from  Feb 2012 revealed elevated ALK which was determined to becoming from the bone. Other unexplained results include low iron without being anemic.

My symptoms are unexplained premature ovarian failure at 35 y/o, fatigue, chronic diahrrea, blinding migraines, severe abdominal bloating, nausea, abdominal pain (lower left quad), unexplained extreme weight gain (85 lbs), pain to light touch, bone pain, and joint pain.

I have had every test you can imagine, ultrasounds, cat scan, MRI's, upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, hepatobiliary scan, breath tests, defoscan, and more. Several "cysts" have been found in various parts of my body and I have a past history of ovarian cysts (17yrs)  (CA125 negative, BRCA 1 & 2 negative).

The  Dr's continue to state that the cysts are of no clinical significance, but I am not convinced. I am  particularily concerned about  the one within my spleen because it appears to be growing. CT report states - hypoenhancing lobulated lesion at the anterior/inferior margin. It went from 23MM to 3.0 CM since last year. Additionally, the CT I had the last week of March revealed that I now have a "fatty" liver, but the one I had in December of 2012 stated my liver and gallbladder were completely unremarkable. .

I have had a series of health events since in the past month and I actually ended up with vaginal bleeding after 21 months without a mestrual cycle and more than a year after I was diagnosed with premature menopause. I was brought in right away and they were going to do a biopsy of my endometrial tissue but they were unable to because I could not withstand the pain. They stopped the procedure, sent me for another US, took more blood and scheduled me for surgery.

In all honesty, I left there feeling like an elephant had been lifted. They were finally going in with a camera to determine what in fact is going on. Grateful for surgery? Who thinks like this unless there is something seriously wrong and they are in excrutiating pain?

In any event, I received a call the last Thursday from the Gyn Dr. (2 days after they scheduled surgery)  advising me that based on her thorough review of my entire medical history, coupled with the most recent events and together with my new lab results, she doen't feel that she would be the appropiate surgeon for my case and she is referring me to the Chief of Gyn/Endo for a 3rd opinion and to take over my case.

She stated that while she believes it may be scar tissue build up causing the pain, there is no way of knowng for certain until they are in and she wants me to have someone with the capacity to deal with any surprise findings, such as tumors, etc. I felt the blood drain from my body at that point. I thanked her for her honesty and started dealing with the scheduling with the new doctor, whom I cannot get in to see until June. Now I have to endure another 2 months of pain. Not happy about that at all.

In the meantime, my new labs have been coming back slowly but surely and they sent my US to another department which does 3D Reconstruction of the images. Not sure what to make of that but I do note that they are unable to find/see my left ovary, which is the site of the lower left quad pain/pressure.

Since my last post here are the "abnormal" lab findings:

Smooth muscle AB Titer - Positive at 1:80 - all other AutoImmune tests were negative.
Elevated ALK Phos at 110 - isoenzyme results all within normal limits, but previously determined to be coming from my bones.
Elevated DHEAS at 247
Elevated Anion Gap at 21
Low CO2 at 20.7

TSH: 1.40
FSH: 23.5

"Normal" range lab findings:
GFR, Creatinine, BUN, Globulin, Almumin, Bilirubin, ALT, AST, Sodium, Calcium, Potassium,  and Chloride. Also normal were the SHBG and Testosterone.

My Glucose was 83 and Mean Blood Glucose was 111 - Don't know if these are normal values.

Pending Results: 17 OHProgesterone.

When I asked my PCP about the posiitve result for the SMA AB finding she stated  and I quote "The smooth muscle antibody is borderline at 1:80; the other antibodies and markers for autoimmune disorders are negative, including your sed rate. Your alk phos was 110 instead of 100-this isn't really a significant elevation; the elevation is negligble at best."

I do not feel well at all. It takes all that I have to get dressed and out the door most days. I have all of the symptoms of OvCa. I also feel weak and faint lately and all I want to do is sleep even after a full 8 hours.

I feel like the doctors are wasting time. I have an extensive family history of cancers and I fear the worst.

Please let me know your thoughts/suggestions on next steps or questions/directions I can pose at my next round of appointments.
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WOW.  That was the most thorough description of just feeling, yucky, I've ever heard.  And I don't mean to sound uncaring.  Have you posted this in the expert forum?  You are absolutely well informed and keep excellent records of your reports.  I am so sorry that you are not finding the answers you so deserve.  You sound like you have had the proper testing, you just aren't getting the answers you need, that is for sure.  Have you taken these findings to a gyn/oncolgist for review?  I can't imagine feeling so badly for so long and not finding any relief, I am so sorry.  

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