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Ovarian Ca and hemodialysis; Will this help?

Hi everyone,
My Mom was dx with Ovarian Ca III and on going with Chemotherapy.Recently she was not tolerated with Gemzar and with her last month small bowel obstruction surgery i was thinking of having her for Hemodialysis...
Can any physicians and anyone tell me if Hemodialysis will help to improve her blood counts for Ca125? or help her to live a better life? Chemo therapy is killing her. Can the Chemo drugs combine during Hemodialysis progress?
I need help and I will also find the best answer to this question to help pass on to other patients with the same problem like my Mom.
Thank you very much!

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Dialysis is for people with kidney failure. I don't know of any place that will order dialysis unless it is for that reason. It will not take cancer out, I am sorry, I wondered about it one time too. My sister has been a dialysis Rn for 35 years. Dialysis patients have almost as bad trouble with it,  as we  do chemo. They have to have the shots for their red blood counts and all that. I wish I could tell you it worked for cancer.I hope your mom feels better soon. I am having really bad chemo effects now too,   Donna
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Thank you for the advice. I will continue to search for a better way for my Mom.
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