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Ovarian Cancer - losing hope - think I'm in stage 4

Hi there, I used to be a healthy 39 year old – in the last seven months I’ve been in severe decline.  Experiencing sharp abdominal pain, extreme nausea & fatigue, chills, pains in legs and joints, copious discharge, loss of appetite, bowel problems (not being able to hold it), and losing weight rapidly.  Recently I’ve developed a cough, chest pain and a lump swelling on my neck.  I’ve been through all the tests and then some, CT scans, colonoscopy, pelvic exams, transvaginal ultrasounds, blood tests like CA-125, chest xrays, and they’ve come up with nothing.  Ovaries seem normal – but I’ve heard of cases of ‘shedding’ cancer cells.  How on earth can this get detected? I've been told it's IBS, anxiety, nerves, etc., and I just can't take that seriously now.

I’m on sedatives to take the edge off the nausea and pain somewhat.  What more can I do?  Does one just sit back and wait until something finally shows up – perhaps fluid in the lungs?  I really feel like it’s already too late – any suggestions at all?  
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Looking over your long list of symptoms I can see where some of them are subjective, that is, they have to take your word for it - fatigue, pain, loss of appetite. But there are some solid issues there - discharge, lump on your neck, loss of bowel control, weight loss - that they should find the cause. Sounds like you've had a lot of tests but something's not right. Have you tried a different doctor?
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Hi Lynne,

Are you saying they have said you do NOT have ovarian cancer? If so, why do you suspect that you have stage 4? If they have run all these tests, including an ultra sound (vaginal) and have ruled this out, I am not a doctor, but I would assume they are accurate.

You may wish to get a second opinion if you are not satified. There could be another explanation for your symtoms.
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I'm sure anyone with those types of symptoms would be frightened however, I think it's a little premature to come onto an ovarian cancer forum because you *think* you have stage 4 cancer. I don't know what else the doctors can do for you...but as far as detecting ovarian cancer goes, a trans vaginal ultrasound, CT scan, CA125 and surgery are about as good as it's going to get. Beyond that, if they've told you that you don't have ovarian cancer, I'm not sure why your still concerned about it. I would think that if you were stage 4, your CT scan would show masses in your pelvis and abdomen, at the very least.
It's very possible that something else may be causing your symptoms - there are many other diseases that can mimic the symptoms that ovarian cancer causes.
I hope you find some answers for yourself...instead of fixating on the idea that you *think* you have ovarian cancer, maybe you should be looking at some other diseases so that you can find some relief for your symptoms.
Best of luck to you...
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In *most* cases of ovarian cancer, the CA-125 is elevated with stage 4 disease.
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In *most* cases of ovarian cancer, the CA-125 is elevated with stage 4 disease.
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Hope I'm replying properly to your response, I'm a bit of a computer luddite here ..

I realize that all of you have been through so much and in many ways I don't feel I have the right to post - it just seems all the symptoms are adding up - I have been shuffled around to several doctors - and have constantly thought to myself - do I just beg for a laparoscopy?  Would that make things even worse?

I understand I must sound extremely paranoid but I'm not prone to hysterics - I just seem to have all the symptoms of cancer, extreme fatigue, pain, nausea, weight loss - I guess all I can do at the moment is tough it out.  Hopefully, something will show up.  

I really appreciate you responding  - thanks.
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