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Ovarian Cancer - symptoms

I started out with extreme excessive belching. No medications for indigestion or stomach pain worked. I went back to the doctor and had an upper GI...nothing wrong. His words were "It is nothing in your digestive system." I have had two UTI's (in a month & 1/2)and this last time they said that the test came back negative and was sent in for cultures (because there was pus in my urine). I feel like I have an infection! I have a backache all of the time and when pressure is applied a little below the belly button on the left side of my body I can feel the dull ache radiate to my back. I have has the backache, pressure, belching and fatigue for quite a while before the infections...so this is relatively new.

Finally, my question is...has anyone had these symptoms? They sent my blood in for a CA125 test. I am certain that what I have is not good news since they ruled out all the "easy" stuff. Any input?
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Have they done an ultrasound or CT scan.  Those were some of the symptoms I had with an ovarian cyst.  It was the size of a softball and was resting on my bladder, so the UTI was the only reason we found it.
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Not yet... my doctor mentioned getting one. I have an appointment with her next Tuesday. She scheduled the CA125 so she would have the results of that before our appointment. Was the cyst cancerous? I don't know much.
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I would push hard for at least an abdominal scan.  Really the only way to diagnose cancer is to have the mass biopsied after surgery.  An elevated CA125 means very little pre surgery and no doctor can say you have cancer based on that.

I had a UTI which was cleared up after antibiotics but the pain and frequency still happened.  It is why I was finally sent to see a consultant.

So I hope you get the scan and find out what is causing the pain. It is terrible not knowing and worse to suffer in pain. Best wishes.
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Nope, my cyst was benign.  There was a spot in it that the surgeon was very concerned about, but it turned out okay.  The thing to remember is that 99% of ovarian cysts are benign. I know it's hard to think about that right now while you don't know what's going on and after surgery (if needed), but it stays in the back of your mind.
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I hope you get some answers soon - it must be very frustrating to be having these symptoms without any diagnosis! I had what I thought was a bad bladder infection - my urine was negative but I got prescribed antibiotics anyways. The same test was repeated about 2 weeks later and I got the same results. It wasn't until I ended up in emerg with severe bladder pain, that a CT scan was ordered. It showed several masses throughout my abdomen. Long story short - mine was cancer, stage 3c. I was 26 yrs old. Yes it's true that 99% of Ovarian cysts are benign, but please push for atleast a trans/vaginal ultrasound and/or a CT scan. I hope I didn't scare you, but I would hate to see your Dr brush you off. Take care,
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My gut feeling (no pun intended) is this is something serious. I am hoping I am wrong, but I know my body. I was always a health nut and really active...Now I can barely stay awake past 9 pm. I will be pushing for the tests...trust me!

Thanks so much for your input everyone! I feel the love!
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First of all let me reassure you that you are wise in seeking medical attention.  Although 99% of ovarian cysts are benign, you are doing the right thing.  These cysts can cause so many symptoms from severe acid reflux to changing your mentrual cycle due to hormonal imbalances.  And let's not forget the pain that they can cause from your rib cage to the back side of your leg.  I am glad that you are finally getting the us.  Please try to get a 2nd opinion from a gyn/onc as they are specialists in women's gyn issues and have seen it all.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Godspeed
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Thanks...I will be constantly pressuring them to find whatever it is. It is sad because even my family seems to think I am imagining things and I am just "under stress". Riiiight.
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