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Ovarian Cancer spread to my liver???????

I'm a 44 year old women.  I had my left ovary removed some years ago and my Gallbalder.  I've had back and neck problems for a long time, I've had diverticulitus and I also have heavy painful periods.  Last year about this time I think I also saw a gastrointestanologist for excesive belching they did an uper GI and found nothing they did do a blood test which showed funny liver results but apon redoing the test it was fine).  So I didnt think much of anything until recently when I got very sick with vomting, naseau, abdominal pain and back pain along with Diarah, funny bowls and belching again.  My bowls have been very light colored and not normal for a long time also due to pain meds they also sometime cause constipation.  I have also been suffering from frequent urination for some time now and there are times I will unrinate and have to turn around and do it again right away (thought maybe I had a bladder infection but I dont)  I also suffered a small TSI last october (It's a very very very mild stroke with no lasting affects)
February 24th I was not feeling well so I took advil and dayquil the same on the 25th.  The 26th and 27th I could barely get out of bed.  The 28th and the 1st I had to call out sick from work again naseau, diareah and sever fatigue.  I tried to work on the 2nd but they sent me home.  That afternoon I was in the ER with Non stop vomiting (dry heaves) and sever abdominal pain also Diarahea which I had had for several days.  They did a blood test which was fine and an Xray which showed my intestines where full but no  blockage.  They sent me home and told me I had the flu and to take the rest of the week off from work.  They gave me percoset for the pain and Phenagran for the Naseu.  
Monday March 7th I still wasnt better so my Doctor told me to stay home for the week and she ran a fecal test which was negative and had a CT done.   The CT showed:
1.a thick band like atelectasis within the left lung base, along the inferior aspect of the left major fissure
2.a faint 1.5cm low-density lesion within the right hepatic lobe posteriorly, not consistant with a cyst.  (Suggest Order an MRI)
3.NO evidance of bowl obstruction
4.a small fat containg umbilical hernia.
5.A 2.8cm  cystic structure within the superior aspect of the right adnexa, superior to the right humerus which MAY represent an ovarian cyst. (Suggest Order an Ultrasound)
6.Sever degenerative disk disease L3 & L4  leverl, worse on right with endplate sclerosis and vacuum phenomenon.
So then I had an MRI that showed:
1.No abnormalties in my lung.
2.1.3 x 1.0 x 1.1cm lesion along the posterior margin of the posterior segman of the right hepatic lobe, corresponding to the previously identified liver lesion on CT, demonstratint T1 hypointensity and nonuniform T2 Hypertinensity.  Postcontrast images demonstrateds no evidence of internal enhancment within they cyst cystic  portion of the lesion, however there is suggestion of a thin septum which may or may not be enhancing (Get an MRI  with a T1 preconrast and sequential postcontrast fat saturated sequences.)
3.Spleen find but Multiple splenules are present adjacent to the splenic hilum.
4.No evidance of Ventracal Hernia
The Abdominal Ultrasound Showed:
1.Liver lesion cannot be identified: The liver is mildly echogenic.
2.Mild fatty liver vs. Hepatocellular disease
The Pelvic Untrasound with transvaginal probe showed:
1.1.7x1.2cm Mildly hypoechoic fibroid is present within left uterine body.  Nabothian cysts are present in the cervix.
2.Endometrium was fine.
3.There is a moderate complex  cyst measuring 2.0x2.2cm within right ovary with single septation with increaed echogenicity of the septation suggestion of calicifications of the septum.
MY General doctor is now sending me to 2 specialists.  No other tests have been ordered yet including the 2nd MRI.
This is where I'm at right now.
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I was dealing with ovarian cancer and finishing up with my chemo when something showed up on my liver.....every one feared it was a metastasis from my ovaries but it was a fatty deposit.
Calcium deposits in an ovarian cyst could mean a dermoid cyst .  They are almost always benign.
You don't have answers yet so try not to jump the fence just yet.  You have something going on but you need to continue seeking answers before it is time to panic......so easy to say....I know.
Hang in there.  You have a partner in your doc who is trying to find out what is going on.  You are one lucky woman because not everyone of us has a doc who really does care.  Keep looking and you will find out what is going on.
Keep us in the loop.  I will continue listening for you.
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Thank you so much for your reply.  Does make me feel a little better.  And yes I do have a doctor who cares but unfortuneatly she said she cant do anymore and I have to see 2 specialists and now its the waiting game.
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