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Ovarian Cancer

Hello, I have been suffering from various symptoms over the last few years such as pain in the abdomen, nausea, bloated tummy, feeling full when eating tiny amounts of food, bladder/bowel problems.  However, in the last few months the pain has become more worse in the abdomen/pelvic area and I have been suffering from severe tiredness for months now.  In the last month or so, I am suffering with severe pain in the back area, pain in my left legand in the last few weeks have been having spotting along with bladder problems.   My stomach doesn't feel so bloated as normal, do all ovarian cancer sufferers have a bloated stomach?  I am obviously really concerned as I feel so unwell.
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Hello.  You need to get in to a gynecologist and figure out  what is going on.  I don't think I'd wait much longer, either.
To answer your question; no, not everyone dealing with ovarian cancer has a bloated stomach.
Please do get in to see your doctor soon.  You might want to ask for a trans-vaginal ultrasound initially to see if anything is there.  
Regardless of what is going on, you deserve to feel much better than you do right now.  Plus, worrying definately can and does make things worse.
First things first......make that appointment !
Please do come back and keep us posted.
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