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Ovarian Cyst and No Period...

I am 19...,I went to my doctors appointment on Tuesday July 2nd because my period didn't come on for the month of June. Last period was May 22nd.

OB gave me a trans vaginal ultrasound to see if I was pregant but said it was too early so sent me to the lab to get blood work. (blood work haven't came back in yet)

The trans vaginal ultrasound showed that I have 1 Cyst on my left ovary and few little cyst on my right ovary...

Could I be pregnant or could the ovarian cyst be the cause for my period not comming on for the month of June????

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yes. having an ovarian cyst can cause abnormal periods. and if you have many on the other one, maybe you have pcos polycystic ovaries. which isnt a big deal. it means your ovaries have tiny little cysts cause you dont ovulate right. its not a big deal. it just means, your period will be irregular. i have had your issues too. i had my right cyst removed. this is a good forum and there are lots of experienced and wise people who can answer your questions. good luck. i dont think youre pregnant.
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Really....thank you so much! The doctor called me this morning and said my pregangy test was Negative. So you were right! It's just wierd that cyst can cause no periods!
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IF you have many little cysts and missed a period I would ask about polycistic ovary syndrome.  I have had this problem too.  It may be a good idea to have your insulin level checked.  The test for this is a fasting test that takes a couple of hours.  Insulin resistance can cause polycystic ovary syndrome.  Since you are young and probably would like to have children some day it is a good idea to treat this condition early.  Treatment includes metformin, weight loss and a low carb diet.  It is possible that the cysts are nothing but best to get it figured our early.  If you have pcos treatment can prevent your ovaries from filling with cysts and can help you get pregnant when you are ready.
Good luck!
Laura :)
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