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Ovarian Cyst

Hi, i am new here and found this site through researching. I made a trip to the hospital last night due to a week long pain in my lower left abdomen. I thought this was diverticulitis because ive had this before. I was diagnosed with a 10cmx6cm left ovarion herterogenic mass and was told to see an oncologist as soon as possible.. i am 36 yrs old and ive suffered with cysts for years. I did have a partial hysterectomy when i was 20. i am scared to death at this point and have to go to a clinic...im not sure what to expect. people say "possible cancer" and just the word cancer incites fear! Am i being too crazy? i have anxiety disorder and this new news is NOT helping. any words of wisdom? advice? anything! i am desperate here......thank you
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Hi im so sorry that you are going through this
Did they tell you if your cyst was complex or simple or solid?

Maybe you should see a gynomc for a second opinion they are experts on both benign and malugnant cyst

Yout age is on your side and most likely its not cancer remeber 90%  of all ovarian cyst are benign
Maybe ask for a ca125 and a ct scan

Hope this helps
God bless you :)
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They did NOT say whether it was solid, complex or fluid...this is driving me crazy. Thank you for you input.
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Whether it turns out to be benign or not, you want a gynecological oncologist involved.  They have three more years of training and more experience ... the results of their surgeries are considered better.  In my opinion, the hospital gave you the right referral.  Most cysts turn out to be benign, but ovarian cancer is hard to diagnose, so you can't be too careful.  

Good luck and God bless ...
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Thank you. I am scheduled to go to another hospital that has several oncology depts within it. Im just hoping that they can help me. My fear is my bleeding. Im not currently bleeding or anything. But i have a blood disorder called factor v leiden which causes my blood to clot all the time. So in order to combat the disorder, i take blood thinners, that me blood specialist has stated that i can never stop. So this in its self has got me rattled pretty good. Just wondering if its something they need to operate on, then how would that aspect be handled?? i dunno. ive read a hundred posts on here to try and get any idea of what i have ahead of me...its just all very unsettling.
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