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Ovarian and kidney cyst with lump in stomach

I have been diagnosed with an left ovarian cyst and left kidney cyst also. The first two scans showed no change in the size of the ovarian cyst, and I was put on to the pill. Since then, the ovarian cyst has increased in size. Since my most recent scan only weeks ago, I have devoloped a lump just under my belly button that is about the size of my palm. This has been present for about 5 days. It is tender to touch and is a hard mass when I wake in the mornings. I wonder what this lump is likely to be related to. I have been also feeling more aching and naucious than usual. Any thoughts on what this lump may be due to would be greatly appreciated.
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My advice is to contact your doctor.  It seems that your symptoms are getting worse, and not better.  What are your doctor's recommendations for the cyst?  If you are not comfortable with your doctor's recommendation, then you can seek a second opinion.
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