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Ovarian cancer or possibly pregnant I’m worrying myself to death

I know I’ve been asking this a lot but I’m not really getting any answers. This all started 2 weeks ago right before I was supposed to get my period. I got all the usual symptoms of bloating and cramping so I thought my period was coming. Well 2 weeks later I have still had no period. I go to the doctors to take a pregnancy test on Monday and in a way I’m praying it’s positive because it would explain all of these symptoms. Last week I felt super fatigued like I couldn’t even get out of bed. Well that’s gone. I’ve been having massive bloating mainly after meals and at night which doesn’t go away until morning. Massive constipation with just little here and there. My anxiety adds on to the bloating which makes my stomach tighten up and I can hardly breathe. Gets worse when I go outside. Certain smells make me feel sick and I thought I had to throw up twice today. I was on antibiotics and Tylenol 3 a few weeks ago for some tooth issues and I’m on anxiety and acid reflux meds. I also pee more than usual and I’m still cramping off and on 2 weeks later. Most of my symptoms lead me to ovarian cancer which is stressing me more. I am 34 and I have one Child. Early on my nipples were also sore to touch. My appetite is still the same but sometimes I force myself not to eat because of the bloating. It just makes it worse. I am not on birth control and haven’t been for quite a few years. I just need relief from the consitpation and bloating because I do not feel like myself. Shed some insight and help calm my nerves until Monday please!!!!!! These symptoms are all new as of January although I have dealt with constipation since I was younger
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