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Ovarian cancer

Can navelbine cure ovarian cancer
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Hi there

Navelbine (Vinorelbine) has been trialled as an Ovarian Cancer drug although it is mainly used in Breast and Lung cancers. It has shown a reasonable response rate in one very small trial (30% response rate in a trial involving 24 patients) but it does not seem to be as effective as other treatment options. Is there a reason for asking about this Chemo?

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My friend has stage 4 ovarian cancer and has run out of options. Has been through 12 chemos already, Been suffering for 7 years now. They say she has 6-9 months left. They may try a chemo she was on 5 years ago. Carboplatin. I am not sure how that will work. Any feeback??
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These are tough times for your friend and for you. It is very difficult for anyone to make judgements when someone has been through so many treatments over the years. She needs to balance treatment with quality of life too so a great deal of the choice of next steps will be down to her and what she is prepared to tolerate.

Sometimes going back to a treatment that has been tried before can be successful. Even if a treatment hasn't worked the first time around it has been known to work the second time. The cancer develops and sometimes loses resistance to to different drugs so if she is prepared to go through the treatments and side effects then she may get a good response.

I hope she finds an approach that gives her a good response. Best Wishes.
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