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Ovarian cyst and constant weird bleeding/ discharge?

Hello everyone. I’ve been having weird discharge for months now. It started as watery and mucous and then red, black and brown - very gross! I have this daily now - mainly browny colour. I had a transvaginal u/s and was told I have a 4.5 cm ovarian cyst which is what will be causing the bleeding? Does anyone know if this sounds normal? I have lower back pain and abdominal pain (worse after sleeping), hip pain on the cyst side and bloating through the day and I  keep getting diarrhoea from nowhere now! Any reassurance that this normal with a cyst would be fab? Thanks in advance, Kate x
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Yes, it's possible that all those symptoms are from the cyst. Is it a simple cyst that they're just going to recheck in 6 weeks or so?
Hi, thanks for your response. Yes apparently the doctor says it should go by itself. I have a rescan in 4 weeks time. I was just unsure as why it would cause me to bleed etc.
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Cysts can affect hormones which is why they can cause irregular bleeding.
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