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Ovarian cyst/bladder lesion and undiagnosed symptoms

Symptoms include:  Bloated feeling, extremely flatulent, fatigued, pain located beneath umbelicus from hip to hip, but radiating up to sternum and down to groin-constant ache that becomes quite severe at times.  Severe enough to wake me from sleep.  Crampy and vaginal spotting.  Microscopic blood in urine.  Diarhea to constipation-mainly diarhea.  
CT Scan revealed 3cm x 3cm cyst on L ovary, enlarged uterus, and a lesion on bladder.  Blood work is normal (no CA125 done), Neg for Pancreatitis(?).  I'm at the mercy of the Veterans Health Care Administration therefore no other tests have been done to determine what is exactly causing all the symptoms.
I've repeatedly asked for a total hysterectemy due to my families medical hx.  In 2000 R ovary was removed due to cysts and pain.  I was told that ovary was clear.

I've researched as much as I can so am wondering if anyone has any ideas of what could cause these symptoms other than ovarian cancer and gallstones (my symptoms don't come on after eating-they are present all the time).  I had thought gallstones at first.  Now I'm concerned that it might be ovarian cancer and I cannot get the VA to assist me with this issue.  I cannot afford private medical currently.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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have you had a pap smear?  That would give you more of what it is not at this point.  I would lean to something uterine ecause of the crampiness and spotting. There should be a place in your area that works on sliding scale fee.  Do you live in a rural area?
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You are right....they have not even told me anything concerning the cyst other than size.  As far as lesion on bladder-wouldn't even tell me size.  They probably don't know in reality-the ignorance there is astounding.
My pap a year ago was normal but that was when I had originally scheduled the surgery.  Long story but doc backed out night before.  Something to do with staying home with her kids that weekend and of course the ever present budget (or lack of) at VA.  That doc is what is holding up the surgery at this point and I've not been back to her.  My primary care has been referring me to others as she can.  There again-appts. are rescheduled after you arrive, cancelled altogether, or they didn't give you correct instructions beforehand so test is invalid.....its always something with the VA.
I elected because I had suffered thru rupture after rupture of cysts on my right ovary from 12-30yrs.  Not one doc would do anything about it til finally I found a great female doc-private world in 2000.  Three days before the surgery another cyst ruptured as luck would have it...When she went in they pumped out an iv bag worth of blood from my abdomen before they could even get to the ovary.  And I saw pics of my ovary-it looked like a glob of chicken fat from all the ruptures and scarring .....it was probably the size of a plum I guess.  Tube was basically shredded she said.  So am sure there is scarring in there.

I was just curious if any one on here had those other symptoms and if they were possibly related or different things altogether.  If related I'm getting a bad picture-if not related than not such a big deal.

Have a great weekend and thanks for the comments-I appreciate any advice at this point.  

As far as sliding scale...low fees...I'm at that point where I make too much for any type of state/local help but not enough to make the bills.  Already checked.
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The system stinks when it comes to situations like yours.  At least you are trying to stay above water, you could  be like some people I know and refuse to do anything to help yourself and get rewarded for it.  I hope the doctors thru the VA get it together and take care of your problems.
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I wanted to let you know I have endometriosis, history of endometriomas, bladder endometriosis, AND I had a bladder lesion , inside the bladder.  Very long story, but I want to keep in touch with you to see if you and I have some things in common, as it's rare we both sort of have sort of rare things going on.  I am very sick tonight, I think the endo flaring.  But please let me know how you are, and how things progress.  Did they schedule any more tests to evaluate your bladder lesion?  How did they find the lesion?  Was it on the inside of the bladder?  For now, I hope you're feeling better, or better very soon.


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please email me as we have many things in common, endo, and bladder lesions.

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