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Ovarian cyst w/ abnormal tissue and ovca symptoms

Hi, I am new to this board and appreciate any advice. I'm 38 and I started experiencing pelvic pain and bloating last fall. GYN examined me, said she couldn't find any cause of worry and put me on meds for a UTI. Went to ER in Dec and CT showed kidney stones.  Got rid of kidney stones and pain continued. Went back to GYN in March and she finally decided to do an transvaginal ultrasound. It showed a 5cm cyst on right ovary w/ a "bloodclot" in it. She didn't seem worried and told me to follow up w/ another transvaginal US in 6-7 weeks. This was last week and the cyst has grown to 6cm and now she is saying what she thought was a "bloodclot" is now an abnormal growth and she wants to take it out. My symptoms are pelvic pain and BURNING, dull back pain, change in bowels, large bloated upper stomach. We've decided to do a full hysterectomy along w/ removing the cyst/growth because of other prior problems w/ scar tissue etc.+ I'm done after 3 kids. My surgery is scheduled for 6-16 but after reading other posts I would like to see a Gynecologic Oncologist. I feel as though she doesn't hear me and isn't concerned enough about these symptoms. I've read that if there is a malignancy your better off having a GYN ONCOL. do the surgery in case it's spread. I just don't know if I could get into a GYN ONCOL. sooner and if they would deem my ultrasound and symptoms serious enough to go in sooner. Also, somedays my symptoms are worse than others. There are days (most days)when I have to keep Advil in me 24-7 and other days I'm tired but it's not too bad. Thanks in advance for your advice. :
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Hey Sippy --
As so many of the other ladies on this site will tell you, most ovarian growths are benign. Also, your age is in your favor.

However, I agree you should hold out for a gyn onc, or at least have one standing by. If a regular OB/GYN performs the surgery and finds cancer, you'll have to be debulked, staged, etc. by a generalist. In some cases, you'll have to go under the knife again. Even if you have to wait an extra week or 10 days for surgery, a gynecological oncologist is definitely the best way to go.

However, others with more experience and expertise in ovca than I have will be along shortly to give you their advice.

Courage -- remember that no matter what, you deserve ONLY the best.
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I agree with Litdoc, have the gyn/onc in the or.  They are specialists and have seen it all.  Try to remember that 99% of ovarian cysts are benign, but that is not a reason to ignore your symptoms.  You are doing the right thing.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Godspeed
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I have very very similar symptoms, but my TV ultrasound didn't show anything,  I am also on UTI meds right now, but I'm not sure if it is helping yet.  Please keep me posted with how your situation turns out.  

I will keep you in my prayers as well.
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Hi - my advice would be to push for a gyn/onc.  I was under one when they found a microscopic 8th of a millimeter malignancy (via pathology) and by the Dr's own admission said they probably would not have found this if they were not a cancer centre.  I'm now going for chemo as precaution as they want to make 100% that if something is left they get it.  As you have read the vast majority of cysts are benign - but rather get it sorted and by an expert to give you peace of mind.

Has your Dr done a CA-125 test - this is a tumour marker and if elevated can indicate the ovca (the inital value is often of little value as it can be elevated for other reasons, such as endometrious (sp?), and can be affected the the menstrual cycle and many people with Stage 1 ovca do not have raised levels).  It is most useful in 'trending' response to treatment.  Having said that it might be worth mentioning this to the the Dr if they havn't done one already.
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Hi, Thanks everyone for your super helpful advice.  It's so  comforting to hear from other women who have first-hand experience in this.
No, My GYN has not performed a CA-125.  I don't know why...I guess I need to be more assertive w/ her.  My mom was discussing my situation w/ a friend of hers who's a oncologist and he also asked "Has she had a CA_125 test?" My mom told him no and she said he got a crazy look on his face and said "WHY NOT?" He too said that at 38 it would be rare to find ovarian cancer. That made me feel a little better.
I am calling around to find a Gynecologic oncologist on Tue.
I would definitely feel much more comfortable having one do the surgery.  It will be a pain to have to explain my history all over again to another doc. but it sounds like it would be well worth it.
I'll post any updates in the future. Thanks again for all who took time to give advice. I pray God's peace and good health for you all :)
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