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Ovarian cysts

Good afternoon. I just stumbled across this site after googling ‘ovarian cysts‘.  I wondered if anyone out there has ever been in my (worrying) situation. I am 27 years old, a mummy to a beautiful 2 year old and 12 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I had an emergency scan around 6 weeks into this pregnancy due to pain on my right side. My GP feared an ectopic pregnancy. To my relief baby was fine. However, an 8cm side was found on my right ovary with a daughter cyst inside. The staff at the early pregnancy unit didn’t seem concerned at first. They said cysts are normally just pushed out of the way by the growing baby. I was referred to a consultant 4 weeks after. The laidback attitude changed when I saw the consultant. He put so much fear into me. He said there is a change (like with all cysts) it could be cancerous and the cyst, along with my ovary has to be removed. He said the way the cyst has grown around my ovary there is no way he can remove the cyst without the ovary. He also ordered I had a CA125 blood test. The results were normal, no raised levels. I am booked in for my operation a week on Tuesday (6th Nov) when I will be 14 weeks into my pregnancy. I had another scan a few days ago. The large cyst is now 9cms (grown 1cm in 2 weeks), I now have a 2nd daughter cyst with a few tiny cysts starting to grow off the bigger one. Scared is an understatement. I am scared I will lose my baby, and I am petrified it is cancerous. Has anyone else been through a similar thing? Have I got a higher chance of this being cancerous because I have smaller cysts growing from the big one? I had a cyst whilst pregnant with my daughter. The cyst then was 2 cms. I was never referred and didn’t go back to follow it up. I wonder could this be the same cyst because it was on the same ovary? Help please…x  
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Thanks ladies for getting in touch. Julie, I hope this worrying phase is soon over for you. Times can be really testing but thank goodness for the support networks we have. Thinking of you and praying also everything turns out for you. Dreading my surgery next week. How I am going to get through this week, another week of worry. Still, work and a 2 year old will keep me going I'm sure.
Thank you for sharing your story Ireneo. I was so relieved to hear that your cyst was benign, hopefully mine will be too. My baby is growing well so I must focus on that thought.I will let you know how things go for me.

Take care ladies

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I'm not pregnant, too old for that, but I also had a large cyst appear which was surprising. I'm post menopausal and I thought my reproductive organs had shut down. Anyway, my cyst kept growing and went from 7cm at diagnosis to 10cm by the time I had surgery. I also lost my ovary and tube with the removal of the cyst. But there was no sign of cancer. The statistics say 90-95% of ovarian cysts are benign. I know we all worry about being in the other 5% or so. But the CA125 number is good for you. What would be more worrisome is if it was high. CA125 in younger women can be elevated for so many other reasons besides cancer that it ends up scaring people. In your case it's a good reading.

Most likely your surgery will go smoothly and your pregnancy will continue without much problem. There are plenty of women that have to have surgery during a pregnancy for various reasons. They will monitor the baby closely as well as you.

I know the "what if's" are eating you alive but keep moving forward, get that annoying cyst(s) and ovary out of there. Please let us know how things go after it's done.

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  I am also in the freaking out phase after they found a mass where I don't even have an ovary(it was removed several years ago).  I don't have an answer to your question, but I am sorry you are going through this while you are pregnant.  I have had 2 surgeries while pregnant and both times my babies were fine.  I will be praying for a positive outcome for you.
Take Care,
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