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Ovarian tumour.

I've been told I have a 4cm solid ovarian tumour which was found after a trans vaginal US trying to find out why I had very quick menopause at the age of 37. My CA-125 levels were elevated a few months ago and they are doing more blood tests. Just wondering what the next step will be - and if anyone else had menopause as a symptom of anything?
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I guess the next step is what you and your doctor decide. It would have to do with how high the CA125 was and what the tumor looks like. For many women it is high with out cancer. 98 of ovarian tumors are benign. That said it is good they are watching you. Unless you have the BRCA mutation you have less than a 1% it is cancer. I bled for 22 months straight. I even had an ablation and I still bled. Then I stopped and started throwing up all the time. I had a blocked bowel.

They did an ultrasound. I was at the oncologist the next day and in surgery in less than a week. They could tell from the ultrasound I was full of cancer. Later they did the BRCA test and I was positive. My aunt and grandmother died of ovarian cancer.

Are you having any other symptoms? What they would normally do is watch you closely. If they think it is cancer they will remove all your female organs and then do chemo. If they do not see cancer they will still watch you closely so you are not like me. They saw tumors and did not tell me. They also did not watch. I spent two years throwing up and having diaphragm spasms. Two years later they did another ultrasound and I was full of cancer.
I hope I have not scared you. Hopefully yours turns out okay.
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