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Pain In Lower Right Side 3 Months after Ovary Removed

I am so glad I found this site!  You seem like a wonderful bunch of people that really understand and don't judge!  Thank you all for being who you are!

My problem is that about 3 months ago I had my right ovary removed due to a 7cm cyst.  Since then, things have been fine except for minor aches and pains in that area.  Now, they are no longer minor.  I am having extream pain in my right ovary area that spikes into my groin area and down my right leg.  The pain also goes through my back on the lower right side.  I have gone to the ER for this and they can't find anything.  I think they are starting to think I am just a drug seeker even though last time I didn't even ask for any.  I was starting to think it is all in my mind, but this is really hurting!  I am taking over the counter Ibuprofen for it but it really does no good and all I am doing now is laying here in pain!  The pain seems to worsen when I lay down or sit but I haven't the energy to do anything else.

Anyone got some words of advice for this?

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95% sure it is adhesions  Mary  you are the number one adhesion advisory. Doctors need to tell surgical patients about them. They have been the main trouble makers since the first surgery was done. It is so simple to break them up and keep them from forming also. The ball works great, daughter is also getting a deep massage one a week. 6 months for her and she has no pain.
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Hi Tammy, you are not alone!!  It sounds like you are experiencing the same thing that I have been.  I had my last ovary removed in April and the pain strted back about 1 month later.  You need to find a gyn/oncologist to see you.  Not that I think it is anything cancerous, but they are experts when it comes the the female reproductive system.  They have to go to school 3 years longer than a regulay gyn.  It sounds like you may have a remnant of an ovary that was left behind.  Was you ovary attached to any other organs?  How was your surgery done?  Have they done a tvus since the surgery?  Do you still have your other ovary?  sometimes when you have a cyst on one side, it can hurt on the other side.  Maybe they need to check the othere ovary.  If you do have a piece of ovary left, it can start producing estrogen adn act like a normal functioning ovary and produce cysts.  It is very hard to diagnose ORS since the mass and tissue need to be biopsied for ovarian tissue.  I think you best bet would be to get into a gyn/onc as soon as possible.  Kasie
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Hi sweety and thanks for the answer!!  My ovary wasn't attached to anything else (at least she didn't say it was). I still have my left ovary, and the surgery was done labroscopy.  Any idea of what I can do for the pain right now?  It's so bad now all I am doing is laying around crying wishing someone who just shoot me!
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ADHESIONS ADHESIONS ADHESIONS.....started about three months after my radical hysterectomy, so I had pain wherever they took anything. I must be quite the adhesion-maker. These things were called surgical adhesions (I had never known such pain) and will not show up on any type of Xray or MRI (I had both) ...I got my answer during a routine Colonoscopy.

I will go now and pull out my most recent document on the whole thing so you can read it and decide if this might be the answer you are looking for. Simplystar just recently posted on adhesions and in the past (almost) two years that I have had an association with this site, it is the first time I have seen anyone else talk about rolling on a ball to get rid of the adhesions.

After I read Star's post, I googled "Adhesions" and actually FOUND an entire website devoted to adhesions. So, check that out, too, and I will get the document and post it. May I recommend that you print it? so that you can have it handy should you decide to try it. I cannot imagine that a deep massage to the area would hurt you in any way, but check with the doctors office especially if you suspect you might have another cyst somehow....

Back soon, Mary
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I am right there with Mary.  I do the body rolling for my adhesions too....it is amazing!
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Hi Tascha! And, I am glad to know this is working for you. Here I am almost 6 and 1/2 years later since my surgery and I think that those nasty adhesions have just decided to leave me alone. I have not had to do the bodyrolling for adhesions for about a year. Although, I probably should do it as a preventative measure just in case. Apparently, we "Glue" together as we age, but as far as the surgical adhesions go, I think my bout with them is gone. All for $3.99 for the ball!
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Hi again...I just checked on the adhesion website and it is called the International Adhesions Society. Try that name if  you decide to google it.

Here is the information on body rolling.

A bit of background info first....
This worked for me. My kind and generous weight training teaher offered to teach it to me when I told her that I had to leave class one day (this was back in 2002)since I was in so much pain from surgical adhesions. These had been discovered during a colonoscopy so I knew what was going on.The adhesions were collapsing my colon and causing so much pain, also causing Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The colonoscopy had actually broken things up for me a bit..stretched and snapped them, and I got some relief, but it was very painful going through that and they were reforming again anyway.

My instructor was learning how to teach bodyrolling and had just been to a weekend-long workshop when she helped me. She was interested in teaching this to the aging population saying that doing this type of massage broke up the adhesions that occur naturally in our body.

She said that it is as if some of our insides "glue together" and that this releases much of the gluing because of all the blood, thus oxygen, it brings to the area. It seems to break up the adhesions and it worked for me. She intended to teach elderly people because the "gluing" is so bad as we age if we don't treat it. I figured that if it worked for adhesions that formed naturally in our body, it should work for surgical adhesions.

It is truely amazing. I noticed a HUGE difference immediately. When I sat up after the fist time I did this (about a 15 min. session) I could feel a "FLOOD" or a Rush of blood or something! going to that area. After having pain about 40 times an HOUR for over a year and a half after my surgery, my pain decreased to only about 10 times a DAY for a few seconds at a time. I did this procedure again about a week after the first one and that gave me even more relief. I think it was about four months til I had to do it again. Now I do it about once a year, if that. I have been virtually pain free, ,aside from a dull ache now and then, from adhesions since learning this technique.

The idea is you want to get the blood to the bone, not just the muscle....so it floods the tendons and gets lots of oxegyn there to start healing and breaking up the adhesions.

**My instructor told me to think of a steak and how the tendon is sort of splotchy with blood where it is attached to the bone...well, you want to get the blood totally to the bone so as to really break things up. Regular massage is not "deep" enough.

The ball I used measures 16 inches. Again, though, I did not get the ball thru the website (Body rolling is a dot com, one word, and you can learn about the woman who developed the technique. Anyway, I got just an ordinary ball in a toy section at Target and it looked similar to the one the instructor had used. The ball I have has a picture of Blues Clues on it! Hey, it works. It probably is bigger than the ones they recommend, but, if you think about it, it is squishy to the point where once all my weight is on it, it probably shrinks down to about ten inches. And, I just put my "front" onto the ball for the pelvic pain and not my back.

Here is how I did it...leaning my body wt. into it, literally placing the ball underneath me and "rolling" on it...slowly.

I would lay on the pubic bone and then take about four minutes or so to SLOWLY (while remembering to take deep breaths now and then) work my way out to the right side where the ovary once was on that side. After you get there, go back slowly to the pubic bone...breathe deeply. When you get to the pubic bone again, then go to the other side, following a path, if you will, of where you imagine the falopian tube once was. So, you are rolling in something like a "V" formation. After you get to the left side where the ovary once was, then go back to the pubic bone...and, you are done. But, take about 15 minutes to do the whole procedure.

Again, this is how I did it. I got relief. My doctor was amazed
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I'm just curious if a person does have a problem with adhesions and the ball doesn't work how are they treated?
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Wow, that is great information, thanks SO much!  I am going to give that a shot and see what happens, but yeah, what if that doesn't work?  Are there any other solutions?

BTW, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  I hope everyone has a happy, healthy year to come!

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Hi there!  I am going to try rolling.  I'm having pain at my tail bone when I sit.  It's not muscular or joint.  Kind of like pressure at the very base of my tailbone since my surgery.  Just to recap: I had an ovary and cyst removed.  Still have my left ovary.  

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I'm just curious if a person does have a problem with adhesions and the ball doesn't work how are they treated? (blwms)
Hi, Regarding this question, I can only say that I was truely amazed at how well the body rolling worked for me. My doctor was very intereseted in hearing about it and would tell other patients. As Star said, more women should hear about this since adhesions seem to be quite common and so many remain baffled regarding their existence much less their treatment. Mine were found during the colonoscopy but the colonoscopy was only ordered since there was a fear that I had developed Colon Cancer and this fear was brought up because of the tremendous pain I was in. I also had developed Irritable bowel Syndrome and it turned out that this was because the adhesions were literally squeezing my colon and causing it to collapse. What a mess! When I told my doctor (OB/GYN) about the adhesions he said there was nothing that could be done for them except surgery but that the surgery would only cause more adhesions. The only other option was a colonoscopy every six months....YIKES.

So, to answer your question, as far as I know, there may not be any other treatments. But, based on my own experience...going from so much pain...chronically, to virtually no pain after several sessions, I would be surprised if it did not work.

There is another special kind of massage that I think I read about on the International Adhesions Society website....I would have to check again. It began with an "A."

Take care,

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Hi Lori,

Sorry to hear about the pain on your tailbone. I cracked my tailbone when I was a kid after a bad fall and that thing hurt for almost two years...

Did you find out if in fact you have a cyst on the tailbone? I recall Star suggesting the possibility of that.

I wish I knew if the bodyrolling would cause a cyst to rupture if in fact you had one...I just don't know enough about that...I mean, can you put enough pressure on your body to cause a rupture? That might be a good question for your doctors office before you try the massage....it is a special kind of massage, so you could tell them that if they are not familiar with the term "bodyrolling."

Good luck...and, if you start to develop adhesions/pain in the areas where you had the surgery, you will be all set with the bodyrolling. Check out the website (Yumana is the name of the woman who developed this whole thing and she has an interesting website, but you will need to google her name along with the bodyrolling name to get to the right spot).

Not sure if this has helped, but I did want to comment. You certainly want LESS of a problem instead of causing more of a problem, so that is why I am thinking a call to the doc might be a good idea.

Take care Lori,

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Hi, I'm not sure what's causing the pressure.  I will be calling the doctor next week b/c I'm still spotting and it's been 3 weeks.  Using the ProGest cream isn't really working.  I'll mention the tail bone thing then.  

So far I've not had any pain where the incisions are. My surgery was 11/13.  If a person developes this adhesions, when do they start to notice it?

Honestly, I felt so good going into week 5 of recovery and then all of a sudden these other things are happening.  Well, my tail bone has hurt since right before my surgery, but the other things.  You've commented to me about the hormones and I appreciate that.  I think the thing I'm most bummed about is that things don't seem to be getting back to normal and may not ever.  Boo Hoo...that happy attitude is probably the hormones talking!  LOL

Thanks so much for your input!
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Thanks Mary and others for posting about bodyrolling.  I'm 1 month post-total hysterectomy (done laparoscopicly).  After a few weeks of feeling really good and being pain free, I am developing the sharp pains of what is probably adhesion. (Joy!) I spoke with my ob/gyn office today about these sudden symptoms and they told me that the pain I'm feeling is "normal, post-surgical" stuff, "and then there's adhesion".

Last night I got such a sharp painful jab I actually screamed.  It was awful. I'm going to look into this technique for dealing with the pain. Thanks again!

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I have both ovaries removed three months ago. What is wrong with my right side? The pain is on the right pelvic side. It goes down my leg. Sometimes its hard to walk. Has anyone felt this? What is wrong with me? I even wake up with this pain. I am putting on my patch could that have cause this?

Please anyone that has been through this help me!

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Could this be adhesions? I had a dermoid removed from right ovary 4 months ago by laparotomy. I had a few twinges of pain in the first few weeks. And the swelling took ages to go down. Now, about an inch above the scar, the muscles accross the abdomen are hard, lumpy and I am having a lot of burning, twingey pain around the area of my right ovary and into my thigh. Does this sound like adhesions?

I have just bought a bodyrolling book so I will try this, but just wanted to know.

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hi. i had hysterectomy 3 months ago - ovaries and cervix away too.  i was doing great and went back to work on monday.  i'm long hours on my feet. anyway, since thursday i've had a pain which moves about from over my bladder to the left side - its a bit like a stitch. i've been doing gentle pilates this last month or so on a daily basis - just 15 mins a day. should i stop? could this be the start of adhesions? would it be too soon after the op for the ball exercise?
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I am a 22 Year old woman had pelvic inflammatory at the age off 17 resulting to adhesion at 18 was the worst pain on my lower right side for about 7 months before they actually did an operation they thought it was my appendix , cysts but it was adeshions! Has surgery to get rid of the then 2 years down the line same pain came back when straight to see the gynacolegyst and he did another operation found more adeshions was pain free for 6 months then now I've got the same pain yet again! I feel like I have no life as this pain is taking over! I have to have a hot water bottle on my stomache I'm taking pain killers 24/7 nothing is taking it off I feel so low and feel like screaming at the doctors to do something else but now they just keep fobbing me off with pain killers I mean what 22 year old is on pain killers everyday I cannot work have no sex life social life it's like a constant ache and sometimes goes down my leg and round my bike and also stabbing pains! I even paid to see some 1 private cause the nhs didn't no what to do anymore but still feel I've got no where! Ment to be going on holiday end of this month with friends and the boyfriend
But might have to cancel due to this pain :-(( any else understand what I'm going though ? Xx
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