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Pain after menstrual cycle ends.

For the past 6-8 months, I have had pain lasting for 7-10 days after my menstrual cycle ends. It seems to be mostly left sided. I had an ultrasound during the end of my last cycle 2 months ago. My doctors office indicated I had a 1 mm ovarian cyst on my left ovary. Other than that, internal an external ultrasound had no other significant findings.

Now the pain is getting worse after each menstrual and I am not sure what it could be. My grandmother died of ovarian cancer. Would the pelvic ultrasound detect ovarian cancer?

Past medical history includes:
- 11/1999 Natural birth of first child.
- 09/2001 9 weeks - miscarraige
- 01/2003 Leep procedure for pre-cancerous cervical cells.
- 05/2003 Major surgery. Prior to beginning of menstral cycle,
          experienced severe pain in lower abdomen radiating  
          into back. Surgery to remove cysts on both ovaries
          the size of golf balls. Benign.
- 05/2005 Natural birth of second child.
- 07/2006 Abnormal pap. Recheck in December 2006.
          Pain during internal exam - uterus.
          Internal/external Ultrasound performed.
          Results: 1 mm cyst on ovary.

I am 25 years old. I have 2 children. My periods are regular and probably last 4 days. There was one point in September of 2005 that I was 4 weeks late for my period. I am not on birth control. I have not attempted birth control for over 3 1/2 years.

Again, I have pain on my left side, sometimes radiating into back. They feel like severe menstrual cramps with a stabbing pain close to my left ovary.
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Hi There,
No sadly, an ultrasound will not detect ovarian cancer. We have no screening test for ovarian cancer.
It sounds like you should talk to your doctor about a diagnostic laparoscopy. You may have a condition called endometriosis. That condition is associated with pain usually during periods.

Another possibility is that you have developed some narrowing of your cervical canal due to scar tissue from the LEEP procedure. This can lead to pain after a period if not all the menstrual blood is released. This condition, called "cervical stenosis" is treated by opening the cervical with a minor surgery called a D&C (dilation and curettage). You should ask your doctor if your cervix looks scarred or narrowed.
best wishes to you
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Thank you for your input. I beleive this information will be very helpful and I will follow up with my doctor on the 10th and let you know the outcome.

One more question. Would this condition cause a lot of bloating as well?

Thanks for your input.
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