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Pathology Report and Abnormal Spot

Hi all,
I just had surgery and my right ovary removed.  They diagnosed me with a benign tumor (juvenile granulosa cell) and an endometrioma, as well as endometriosis.

But the dr. said that when they did the saline washing of my uterus, that one abnormal spot was found that they want to continue to examine in pathology.  She said "not cancer" but they didn't know what it was.
What could "abnormal spot" mean?  They said it could take several weeks before we know!  

Also, she said that endometrioma ruptured as they were removing my ovary.  I know that's bad, but I don't know why, if the endometrioma and tumor are benign?  

Any thoughts on what they mean by abnormal spot?

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I do not know exactly what your doctor means by this terminology.  However, there can be cellular changes that are abnormal but are not malignant.  It is possible to have benign tumors and growths, and this situation might be what  your doctor discovered during surgery.

As for spilling the endometrioma...honestly, the medical establishment is not 100 percent certain what causes the condition  and how it spreads in the body.  So, there is concern that an endometrioma, or any endometrial tissue, that is spilled and spread in the abdomen can cause other implants to grow and form, thus worsening the patient's already existing endometriosis.
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I should have added that last March I had a thermal ablation/ D&C to address my endometriosis and to  remove two small polyps from my uterus.  The polyps were labeled 'benign hyperplasia' by the pathologist.  In other words, they were simply overgrowths of tissue.
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The day after my surgery (radical hysterectomy) the doctor came in to tell me that no more cancer was found (an ovarian cyst was removed during an exploratory surgery weeks before and malignant cells were found) but that there were a few abnormal spots...one on my bladder, one on my diaphram...I think that was it. Anyway, they investigated this immediately before sending on to Sloan Kettering (where some of my body parts ended up!) and I was told that the spots were pieces of burned out endometriosis. This was later confirmed at Sloan Kettering.

That is what they called it. They said it was black in color.

I hope for the best for you...

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Hi there!  I, too, have had a cyst and my right ovary removed.  My doctor said the same, saw a couple of "spots" on my left ovary and around, in the abdomen.  The spots he saw on my ovary were not spots at all.  There are 2 cysts there, but they are normal cysts that occur during ovulation, and usually come and go.  He took pictures, which were very interesting. The difference in the way the removed cyst vs the others looked was very different.  The other spots mentioned were just that, little white occurances of endometriosis.

I agree...stay on top of it and see a GYN not a family practioner.

Good luck,
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