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Paula (PF_PVD)

Hi everyone,

Although I haven't posted in quite a while ... this is not the kind of post I wanted to add here.
Some of you remember our dear friend Paula (PF_PVD) ... well, I just spoke to her husband today.
Paula passed away a week ago, on December 28th. I'm so sorry to have to share this with everyone.
And I really don't know what else to write ... her husband let me know that he is surrounded by many family and friends and appreciates everyones' prayers and thoughts.

Paula was a special person who could make me laugh all the time and just sincerely cared. She will very much be missed by me and many others I'm sure. Rest in peace Paula, watch out for all of us... until we all meet again.
I love you very much.

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Oh Frannie I don't know what to say.  I should have stayed in touch with her more.  I can't believe she is gone.  What the hell happened?  I knew she was not doing well, but I thought she was doing better than this.  I am so glad you stayed in touch with her honey.  She thought the world of you.  She told me once what an incredible heart you have and I have to agree.  She found it amazing that you were so supportive of her and the rest of us when you didn't need to be.  She was a wonderfully funny person and she was always so optimistic.  I hope she is in a place without fear, & pain and that she has at last found some peace.
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  I don't know what to say either. I have wondered about both you and her. Though I am glad to hear from you, I hate that it has to be because of such terrible news. I sent her a short e-mail just last week. But I too feel bad because I did not stay in as close touch as I should have. Thankfully she still had you there for her. And I cannot say thank you enough for letting all of us know. Please pass the word on to her husband that he is in our prayers and has our deepest sympathy. Paula was a gem, a one of a kind and she will be greatly missed. I know that she is now watching down on all of us.
  Rest in peace Paula, we will meet again.
    Love Chris
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Dear Fran,
Thank you for posting this.  I know it was terribly hard for you to do.  Paula was a very special person and I know those here who loved her will appreciate your news, although very sad as it is.

She and Donna are pain free and together and that brings me peace.
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I do so hate to hear this, Paula was a true fighter of this damn disease, may God keep her tight in His arms and let her fly high with the angels.  Marty
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Im so sad to hear this news of Paula , may she rest in eternal peace.

Love Angie
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I have thought of Paula from time to time. I think I recall that she wanted to take a little breather from the forum (I think that is correct... I don't want to mispeak). I have wondered how she was doing. We corresponded a few times. This is so sad.

Fran, seriously, thank you for letting us know. I was absent for a few days... actually a friend of mine saw Jan's post (mood, I think) and said she was very touched by it. This is someone I met on the forum about four years ago and we keep in touch... and, she checks out some of the posts sometimes. But, I thought it was intuitive that she told me about Jan's words tonight. I had to come over to the forum tonight. I felt it in my bones... well, this is why. I know Paula is at peace now. We will miss her.


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Fran and all,
I'm so sorry to hear this. Even though I didn't know Paula well, she seemed like a very special lady and I know she will be missed.

And, Fran, thank you for letting us know,

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I am so sorry to hear of Paula's passing.  I did not know her well either, but I know she will be missed.  I pray that God keeps her family tightly in his arms.  Love, Kasie
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Thank you so much for letting us know about Paula. She was a very special lady and though I am sad to hear that she has passed, I find comfort knowing that she is with God and Donna and they are watching over all of us. Please pass on our condolences to her husband and I will keep her family in my prayers, Colleen
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I am in shock.  I didn't know her well but we had talked a few times.  Thank you for the notice.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
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I am so sorry.  Please let her family know that they have my deepest sympathies, and are in my thoughts and prayers.

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I remember Paula a bit, just one of those people that stick in your mind even in the midst of all the people that come and go here. It hurts to hear the news that she's gone. Please add my love and tears to the prayers for her family.
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Fran was a lady I enjoyed conversing with..... the one thing that I remember the most is how many times she told me how much she loved her husband and what a wonderful man he is......she believed she was the lucky one to have him love her.  Clearly he is the love of her life.  
Please do share this information with her husband.
My sympathies and condolences to her family.
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I'm speechless. I just can't believe it. I've been emailing Paula back and forth (not lately) about our issues with "the bag" and I just had no idea she was getting so sick. She was an amazingly strong, beautiful woman who yes, LOVED her husband so much.

It's starting to become too hard to check into the forum with these kind of posts. Why?!?!?!?!?!
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I am sorry to hear of this.  I did not know Paula.  Fran and everyone else please know that I am always very mindful that i caught this monster early and as a RN and as a women I try so hard to spread the word of early detection to all who will listen so we don't have to keep hearing this kind of tragic news.  I have no shame.  I even told a happy couple sitting next to me at a Seattle Seahawks game to not fool around with S&S of Ovca.  I know that I am not going thru what alot of you are here on the forum but know that my heart is breaking and I am mad again.  Kerry
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