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Pelvic and lower back pain

I am a 35 yr old f. and married.  I went to the Dr on the 4th of this month because I was urinating up to 20 times in one day with slight burning sensations.  I was put on a double antibiotic for 7 days to treat a bladder infection. 2 days after this I started to have pain in my pelvic area and lower back.  I went back to the Dr on the 17th and I was given Cipro, a 3 day antibiotic to treat a non-responsive bladder infection and a culture of my urine was ordered. On the 20th I ended up in ER with severe pelvic and back pain and was told I had PID(Pelvic Inflammatory Disease). I was given 2 more antibiotics and 2 pain meds and was told to follow up w/my Dr.  Needless to say, I had to have a very FIRM talk with my Husband.  On the 22nd I saw my Dr and was informed that I do NOT have PID nor a bladder infection.  I was then given amoxicillin and ibuprophen to take and was scheduled for an ultrasound for today. (I also apologised to my Husband) I had the ultrasound and they asked me questions about if I tested positive to a pregnancy test which I tested negative.  I heard him mention something about a ruptured cyst and I wondered if this was what was wrong with me all along.  The Dr. instructed me to follow up with my PCP as he would fax my results to their office within 20 min.  Unfortunatly, my Dr does not see patients on Fridays so I feel a bit like EMT-129.  I am afraid something is drastically wrong and would like to know what it is.  Can ANYBODY help me?
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Man  they just kept throwing antibiotics at you for what seemed without just cause.  Its no wonder these things don't work for us anymore.  All your symptoms do sound like a ruptured cyst. What did your ultrasound show?  If you didn't get the transvaginal U/S you should as it shows the organs better.  Sounds like you  need a gynocologist  to look into this.  I can't believe they treated you for a bladder infection w/o running the tests first.
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Thank you for answering my SOS.  I do agree with you. I really didn't want to take all of those antibiotics.  I was very concerned and still am worried about all the possible side effects I might get or even if my body will try to resist future attacks due to all the antibiotics.  I will take your advise and talk to my PCP to recommend a GYN to follow up on my situation.  My ultrasound results have not been disclosed to me as of yet because my Dr does not see patients on Fridays (today) so I have to wait until Monday to get my actual results.  I must say that I am still in a great deal of abdominal and lower back pain and I still feel an urgency to urinate.  I would really appreciate it if the Dr would get to the bottom of my problems.

Thanks again for your speedy reply,

lizzy-lee :-)
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yeah i know.  Everything bad happens right before the weekend starts and we are left hanging for 2 days.  Post back and let us know how you are doing.
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I'll do just that!
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I went through something almost exactly like your situation last summer.  They told me I had Chlamydia though!  Imagine the Hell my husband and I went through, especially after he tested negative for it.  I was also put on a ton of antibiotics.  I found that changing my eating habits (I mean people call me a "granola", I eat so healthy) really helped.  I started to slack a little and eat more processed stuff as the year went on, and wouldn't you know it, I developed the same symptoms this summer!  After 2 negative cultures of Chlamydia, they're not sure what is wrong with me.  I'm not saying eating healthy is all you need to do, but most doctors don't discuss heavy probiotic use after extensive antibiotic use.  I take them every day to put the beneficial bacteria back into my system.  (I recommend reading "The Maker's Diet" and looking up Dr. Mercola on the web.)  I am due to have a laparoscopy for my situation this Weds.  I do have to admit I am feeling a little better, since I originally made the appointment, but thought I should go through with it, because of a high cancer risk in my family.  Please let me know how you make out.  God Bless.
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When was your last pap test, and were there any abnormalities?

I certainly don't want to send out an alarm, but I had similar symptoms earlier this year (abdominal/cramping pain, lower back pain, however I also had abnormal bleeding between periods). Luckily the gyn did an endometrial biopsy, turned out they snagged some cells from the cervical canal which turned out to be cancerous. From what I understand the tumor wasn't visible on the surface of the cervix, thus the last pap test only showed pre-cancerous cells. Turned out to be stage IIB, currently in my third week of chemo and radiation treatments.

Again I don't want to send out an alarm because there could be so many different things causing your problem, but it might be worth discussing with your gyn... good luck!

- Nicole
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