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Pelvic pain and flutters

Hello. I came on here hoping somebody can help me. Im 32 years old mother of 5 and for the past month I've been experiencing a dull ache kind of like period cramps but these are pretty frequent in my left pelvic area. I've also started experiencing flutters in the same area that feel like small baby kicks but I'm not pregnant.My periods have always been pretty irregular but here lately I've been skipping a month. I did get a transvaginal ultra sound about a month ago and they couldn't find my left ovary which is the side I'm getiing pains and flutters but said everything looked good. I also had a ct scan the same day and they said they didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Has anyone experienced this. I feel like I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure out whats wrong with me.I always think the worst and and think this may be ovarian cancer.
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