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Are PetScan's effective for Ovarian Cancer?  Is anyone ever had one?  My last CT scans didn't show anything.  Just wondering.
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I can only give you information with my experience with a PetCt.  For me a PetCt is a good scan because I have fast growing cancer and it picks up all the small disease that a CT does not.  For instance, my last CT showed only progression in liver and didn't show the two places in my pelvis or T9 spine tumor.  Also after all my surgeries the scar tissue interfers with the CT results.  A lot of doctors will not use a PetCt for ovca.  I don't know why.  My insurance co requires a ct before a petct.  This last time I had such a jump with my CA125 that they let me have the PetCt first.  The whole thing lit up like a Christmas tree.  My radiologist didn't even measure the tumors only the uptake that shows progression.  I guess there were too many tumors to measure.  I really didn't like the results on paper that way, so my doctor and I pulled it up on the screen.  In my opinion, if you have a good maker (CA125) and you start to trend with aggressive cancer then I'd request a PetCt.  I also don't know if treating sooner for some patients is beneficial.  I asked that question and they really don't know.  All they say is that it doesn't extend survival.  I hate this disease!  I'm sorry but there is no right answer.  Everyone is so different.  Are you having symptoms?  If so and your CA125 is rising then I'd ask for a Pet Ct.  Sorry this is so long.....Cindy
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Hi Trisha, When I had been in remission for a few ,months and my Ca125 began climbing again, my oncologist ordered a CT scan, and some lymph nodes lit up on the scan. My oncologist then ordered a Pet scan for me. We already knew from my surgery that my ovca had metastesized to my lymph nodes. The PET scan with a radioactive tracer injected, showed the extent of the lymph nodes that were enlarged with cancer. I'm so glad for you that your CT scan didn't show anything to be concerned about, good luck and stay that way! .... Jane
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Glad you Ct's clear. I posted this question before and talked to a few radiologists who said Pet's too sensitive and not recommended for ovarian cancer. I don't know about PetCt's though lots of women here get them.

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I asked my dr about doing a PetScan and he said my CT scan and my CA125 number are telling him what he needs to know.  This past week I have been having some bloating in my stomach and my right side is  sore feeling.  When I walk the vibration makes it just feel sore, not sore to the touch though.  What do you make of this?  I had a sore feeling almost like too much exercise across my lower abdomen when I first started having any symptoms and they found fluid in my abdomen and it wasn't until they drew the CA125 that they thought I may have ovarian cancer.  I think mine was primarily peritoneal disease rather than ovarian but I know they are treated the same way.  Keep me posted on what's going on with you.
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Yes, they are used for ovca.  They take a different type of picture and can be helpful when, as mentioned, when the ca125 is rising and nothing shows up on the ct scan.  It's interested how a pet/ct works to me.  I always get the cds of all my scans, as well as the written reports.
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Lucy, you are so right about getting the cds and written reports, I have a collection of all the blood work, and tests, surgery and path reports I've had. I know a lady who changed oncologists, and is having a tough time getting her previous oncologist to forward her info to her new onc., and she didn't get copies of her own. Feel well, and good health to you,... Jane
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PET/CT's are all I get these days.  My MD puts the code for OVCA but adds a specific spot (like liver, etc.) which helps get approval with the ins. co.  I guess the OVCA alone can cause problems, so he note a specific area as well.  It can pick up the small mm spots and that is why we know I have "salt on a pretzel" type spots, except for one larger one by my liver.  They can't determine if it's in the abdo BY the liver or actually IN the liver .. but no matter, I am in chemo anyway.

Go for it.

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